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Build BRAND Loyalty - Meet Sustainability Goals - Drive the Triple Bottom Line


Build BRAND Loyalty - Meet Sustainability Goals - Drive the Triple Bottom Line

Promote Your BRAND with materials you already own.

Our landfills are filling up and alarming rates.  Soon there will not be anywhere to put all of our trash!  What if all the garbage we create couldn't be taken away by a big truck to be made out of sight/out of mind? 


Relan partners with companies just like yours to create innovative solutions that build customer loyalty, use your existing materials, reduce your waste to landfill, and engage your community.

Using an often overlooked waste stream, we repurpose your marketing materials (banners, billboards, overstock t-shirt, old team jerseys, and mesh) and turn them into products with purpose that tell your sustainability story. Customers can proudly carry your brand, showcase your sustainability message around the world, and be proud to promote their brand loyalty.  

Relan shares your brand's voice and influence others to join your movement. People want to feel a part of something, let them be a part of your environmental goals and tell your story for you.  

These loyalty building, story telling products:  

  • build brand loyalty
  • benefit your triple bottom line (people, planet, and profit)
  • let the marketing images you worked so hard to create have a second life in the form of products
  • tell your amazing story and put that story in your customers' hands
  • create memories from your events
  • help close the loop to keep the 600,000 tons of vinyl created each year out of landfills
  • replace your promotional products made from virgin materials

Our product line includes everything from tote bags, coolers, and computer cases, or just about any product that you can dream up that fits your story - all with material you currently throw away. 

Let's start opening conversations around your sustainability that otherwise might not happen. Let’s engage your community, fans, employees, customers, and stakeholders with your story.

Create Products with Purpose

Transform the way you engage with your community, fans, customers, and stakeholders.

Creation Story

Discover how Della and Kari found Relan and transformed it into a game-changing, for-benefit, social enterprise

Upcycling Process

Whether you're using vinyl, mesh, polyester, or jersey, find out how you can change the course of your marketing materials by repurposing them into unique branded marketing products

Our Community

Learn more about the organizations that are supporting their communities, benefiting the triple bottom line, closing the loop on a waste stream, and building a more sustainable future 















Relan has partnered with organizations across all major industries, from Fortune 500 companies and major league sports teams to museums and festivals. If you have material (banners, billboards, overprinted t-shirts, old jerseys, or backdrops) that you'd rather not toss, we can work with you to create products that are unique to your brand and that align with your sustainability program goals.  We've created everything from VIP Gifts and Season Ticket Holder Cases to Commemorative Totes and Event Exclusives. 

Here's a look at what some of our customers are saying: 

How often can you sustainably dispose of your old signage, effectively promote your brands, and work with truly nice partners at the same time? That has been the Molson Coors experience in working with Relan.
— Bart Alexander, Molson Coors
Working through the entire process with Relan was convenient and easy, the products were delivered on time and our fans loved the quality and variety of their gifts.
— Chris Wilson, Portland Timbers
Since getting our padfolios and bags in, we’ve had rave reviews from students, faculty, and staff across campus. Everyone wants a piece of history and Relan offers that in a sustainable and affordable way.
— Stacy White, ReUse MN and the University of Minnesota
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