Promote Your BRAND with materials you already own.

If you have material (banners, billboards, overprinted t-shirts, old jerseys, or backdrops) that you'd rather not throw away, we work with you to create products that are unique to your brand, align with your sustainability program goals, and benefit your triple bottom line.  

Our product line includes everything from tote bags, coolers, and computer cases, or just about any product that you can dream up that fits your story - all with material you currently throw away. 

Build BRAND Loyalty


Anaheim Ducks reveal upcycled Relan banner bags on St. Patrick's Day for NHL National Green Week to support their green initiatives.


Instead of tossing your banners, billboards, or other marketing materials that you spent so much time and effort creating, we offer a solution to reuse that branding and turn it into brand building products. 

Meet Sustainability Goals


"At United, we aim to minimize the environmental impacts associated with our operations and are continuously looking for ways to reduce our carbon footprint in the air, on the ground and at our facilities. Relan shares the Eco-skies commitment to sustainability, which is why we chose to partner with them to help mitigate our waste product."


Is reducing waste one of your goals?  Let us show you a creative way to reduce waste quickly and turn the waste into an easy sustainability ROI.  Did you know that a socially responsible initiative can increase your company’s revenue up to 20% and enhance your brand’s reputation by 11%? 

Drive the Triple Bottom Line

Photo courtesy of Neal St. Anthony

Photo courtesy of Neal St. Anthony

People, planet, profit.  Are you looking to support all three?  You've come to the right place.  

Through products MADE IN THE USA you can increase your employee and customer engagement, do your piece for the planet, and feel good about the products you are purchasing (or sell them for a return on your investment).  


 Let's make sustainability tangible and start opening conversations around your sustainability that otherwise might not happen. Let’s engage your community, fans, employees, customers, and stakeholders with your brand and your story.

Create Products with Purpose

Transform the way you engage with your community, fans, customers, and stakeholders.


Creation Story

Discover how Della and Kari found Relan and transformed it into a game-changing, for-benefit, social enterprise

Upcycling Process

Whether you're using vinyl, mesh, polyester, or jersey, find out how you can change the course of your marketing materials by repurposing them into unique branded marketing products

Our Community

Learn more about the organizations that are supporting their communities, benefiting the triple bottom line, closing the loop on a waste stream, and building a more sustainable future