1. Why Not?

2. Promote Corporate Sustainability by following the full life cycle of advertising campaigns.

  • Advertising campaigns are traditionally used for a set amount of time and then people forget about them, move on to the next new ad and could care less what happened to the old materials. That is someone else’s problem now…your job was just to get the advertising…not to worry about it after the fact. In reality it is all corporations’ responsibility to follow the full lifecycle of ALL products. Why else would companies be setting up CSR reporting, recycling programs, goals to reach zero waste to the landfill? Everything your company creates is your responsibility from cradle to grave.

3. Reduce the amount of vinyl and other fabric in landfills.

  • Currently over 600,000 tons of vinyl is sent to the landfill each year. Vinyl takes hundreds if not thousands of years to deteriorate in a landfill. With this volume we are filling up landfills faster than we need to.

4. Reduce the carbon footprint for your company.

  • Redirecting the vinyl and other fabrics from advertising to companies that can repurpose the materials rather than sending it to the landfill to give off methane and other gases just makes sense. If someone can use your old things…why not let them?

5. Create new advertising opportunities with the same advertising money.

  • Instead of constantly trying to come up with new ideas for advertising, why not first reuse what you have already created. Turning ONE billboard into ONE HUNDRED bags give you a huge new population that can see your ad and carry around YOUR product therefore having YOUR CUSTOMERS advertising for you every day! It turns the table on advertising…instead of YOU advertising to THEM…they are advertising FOR YOU!

6. Make money for the company.

  • Reselling your advertising campaigns as new products to your customers only makes sense. You spend money to create the ad, you spend money to create a new ad, the cycle goes on and on. What about turning those ads into new products that your customers want and are proud to use because they already love your product. You get the customer to buy the old advertising, therefore paying for that ad, and create a new ad (the repurposed product) that walks the streets and can be talked about on a daily basis, by your biggest advocates…your loyal customers!

7. Support your foundation or other charitable organizations with part of the proceeds.

  • Most corporations have a foundation or charity they support. What better way to add money to that fund than to take part of the proceeds from these products and donate it directly to the foundation of your choice? This is a new revenue stream for companies so take a percentage of it and give back. It is money the company would not have had without a new idea and new program.

8. Buy corporate gifts and promotional itemsmade in the USA rather than China

  • Why go to China when you can get really cool products right here in the US? Yes, the price from China might be less expensive, but how important is it to you and your company to keep jobs in the US and to buy American? Customers are willing to pay more for products made in the US that are sustainable and have a story.

9. Get usable, cool, unique products

  • Repurposed products are each unique and one of a kind. Since bags are typically created at least partially by hand there is no way there will ever be two exactly the same. Relan has a team of sewers who hand sew each and every piece to make sure you get a high quality product the company is proud to sell and the customer is proud to own.

10.  Recognize and promote a new program or event

  • Create custom labeled products to showcase a new program your organization is launching and do it with a one-of-a-kind product.

Image: Flickr/Matthew Mendoza