Want to make your company more sustainable? Relan Can Help.

All it takes is sending your old marketing materials to us rather than putting them in the trash. You get a new way to market yourself, promote your sustainability mission, and get unique, usable products to show off your company on a daily basis!

Ever wonder what happens to an old billboard? The one you passed to and from work, every day, and then you noticed it had changed. YES, that one. Do they go to billboard heaven? We could only wish!

Instead they go to landfills across the country generating more than 600,000 tons of waste annually. Yes, every year! Corporations do not see the entire life span of each marketing item and how detrimental it is to our environment.

Relan is keeping billboards, banners, and signs out of the landfills by repurposing, upcycling, and reusing each and every one of them. What better way, than to turn them into must have, unique items you cannot live without?

Our valued partnerships with companies like Verizon, Coors, the Minnesota Zoo, the JFK 6th Floor Museum, and the Boise Art Museum are making change happen by going GREEN! They have adopted our goal...

Won't you?

Relan is a woman-owned small business looking to make a difference in the world one product at a time. Relan offers ways to re-purpose and re-market billboards, banners, and signs to keep them out of landfills — even ways to recoup part of the media investment. Our mission is to create unique, eco-friendly, usable products out of re-purposed marketing materials allowing the owners of the material to make money for the company and their foundation while telling their sustainability story. With over 600,000 tons of vinyl produced every year in the US, Relan is helping reduce waste associated with advertising!