Have you ever gone to the gas station to get beer for an event, needed a cooler and decided to buy one of Styrofoam coolers for your temporary solution?  Then you get to the event (if you're lucky)...the cooler breaks and now you have beer and food all over the place with no way to keep it cool the rest of the day!  And now that the cooler is broken -- you throw it away or leave it at the event and where does it go??  Into our landfills! What if there was an alternative -- even a GREEN alternative?


Eco-friendly cooler made from repurposed banners and billboards


Made from 100% repurposed billboards or banners the Relan "UBChillin" cooler offers all the great cooling effects of the styrofoam or even plastic coolers, but is helping save our environment!  The cooler measures 16" long x 8.5" wide x 12" tall -- plenty of space to fit your 24 pack of beer and a few snacks!

This vinyl cooler won't break, won't leak, and will last much longer than traditional coolers.  Each cooler is made from the billboards you see as you drive down the highway.  This gives you the option to purchase a cooler with not just your favorite brand's logo on it, but actually part of their brand.  All of the materials have actually been part of a marketing campaign for the company.  Each product is completely unique -- there aren't too many places you can find a one of a kind cooler!  Most coolers are one of MANY MANY MANY!

Corporations need to follow the full the full lifecycle of their marketing products.  Most billboards currently go directly into the landfill once the advertising campaign is over creating over 600,000 tons of vinyl waste each year.  Let's change that!  We can reduce waste AND get cool products.  Let your favorite brands know you want part of them -- a piece of their marketing that you can take with you on a daily basis!

Do you have materials lying around that you don't know what to do with? Let us know and we can help you with some ideas!

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