The hottest topic today is the growing waistlines in our country, but what about the growing waistline of Mother Nature? Each one of us has the ability to change our waistline by eating healthy, organic foods that are grown sustainability cutting out sugar and chemically processed foods, and getting exercise. We can do that for ourselves, but Mother Nature depends on us to help her with her waistline. Think of all the products that have piled up in our landfills over the last 200 years from manufacturing waste, electronics, batteries, cars, and billboards and banners to name only a few!

It takes thousands of years for some of this to decompose... if ever. And we continue to add more and more on top of what is already there. Sounds similar to our obesity problem... just keep piling it on with bigger and bigger portions of fat and sugar.

So how do we help Mother Nature? Very much in the same way we help ourselves . . . by changing our habits. Every one of us must become conscious buyers, re-purposers and recyclers in our personal and business lives. When we purchase a product for personal or business use, think about its lifespan, can it be re-purposed and, finally, can it be recycled. More and more companies are creating products that can be updated rather than outdated and re-purposed or recycled rather than tossed in the landfill.

Relan’s purpose is to help businesses think about one more step that they often and advertising billboard and banner campaigns. Think of all those beautiful billboards you see driving down the road.

Or the beautiful banners you see hanging in some of your favorite coffee shops, museums or events.

What happens to them? Companies have spent millions of dollars on these campaigns and most of them end up in our landfills...plumping up Mother Nature’s waistline. Relan is encouraging businesses to think about the future of these billboards even before they are manufactured by selecting green products and green inks and then re-purposing them into green, really cool products that can be recycled at the end of their life!

We are all becoming more and more aware of the sustainability of the companies we buy from and are willing to support the companies that we know are doing their part. What better way for companies to let their customers know that they are sustainable than to re-purpose their marketing campaigns into amazing products that make sustainability irresistible.

So the next time you see an amazing billboard or an amazing banner, think about how cool it would look made into something else. Visit our website to see some of the amazing products we offer to clients at We hope that we can help you and your organization and, along the way, help Mother Nature work on her waistline.

Images: 1) Flickr/Bill McChesney 2) Flickr/Matthew Mendoza