Consumers want to know that the companies they buy from are sustainable. But are companies telling their customers about their sustainability initiatives?

Many companies have extensive sustainability initiatives throughout their organizations. They create sustainability annual reports and internal communications promoting sustainability throughout the buildings and grounds. They create zero waste programs, and recycling programs and even “Green Teams” to encourage employees to take responsibility for recycling. But, if they do not educate their customers about their corporate sustainability, how will their customers, the ones who actually buy the product, know? And customers today believe that companies are ethically bound to behave with the public interest in mind.

One great way for companies to promote their sustainability to their customers is through the repurposing of their billboards and banners into cool products that scream sustainability and the corporate brand! Products that state “I used to be a banner now I am this cool product!” Instead of throwing away the billboards and banners, repurpose them into great products. Customers will look at it and say . . . really . . . this is what a billboard is made of? Wow! I never knew! And, customers will never look at a billboard the same way again. And, isn't that the purpose of billboards in the first place . . . to get consumers to look at them? Once you make customers aware of what a billboard is . . . and what they can become . . . they will never look at a billboard the same way again.

Just think of the exponential "visual hits" that will come from that one simple conversation. Sharing your sustainability message with all stakeholders . . . from employees to customers to shareholders . . . will open the conversations about sustainability, environmental responsibility and social responsibility. Starting the conversation leads to doing the right thing for everyone.