In his Sustainable Brands article, Report: Business as Responsible as Government for Driving Social Change, Bart King states that 73 percent of respondents in a global survey believe that “the more powerful corporations become, the more obligated they are to behave ethically and with the public interest in mind.”

Relan believes that repurposing corporate billboards and banners is not only an ethical behavior but a great way to reuse marketing materials to promote a company’s brand and sustainability. Although there is over 600,000 tons of billboard and banner materials produced each year, corporations rarely even think about what happens to these marketing materials once a campaign or event is over. All too frequently, they just get tossed into the closest dumpster headed for the landfill.

But imagine what could happen to these beautiful banners and the impact of thousands of your customers carrying your sustainability message across the country. Imagine your customers rolling their luggage across the country with your logo and your sustainability message on luggage tags. Or your customers carrying coolers created from your old billboards into your corporate sponsored events. Or giving away seat cushions created from your banners and billboards to the first 500 attendees.

Your customers carrying your message about sustainability . . . not only promoting your corporate sustainability image but promoting your products and your brand as well.

So the next time you attend an event. .. or sponsor an event . .. look around. Who is taking responsibility for all of those banners . . . and who could benefit from the repurposing of each and every one?

Report: Business as Responsible as Government for Driving Social Change by Bart King