Does your company use billboards to advertise?  Do you know which companies are the top 20 outdoor advertisers using billboards in the country? (Check out the top OOH spenders)

Molson Coors messenger bags made from billboards

In 2012, according to, OOH revenue grew to $6.7 Billion Dollars making it the fastest growing local ad medium, with 22% growth over the last decade! Even as we move toward digital media boards - the top spending is still on traditional billboards as you can see in this report  OOH Revenue by Format.

All those marketing dollars going to waste as soon as the campaign is over. Or maybe not!

bag tags made from upcycled Verizon billboards

Would you be interested to know how you could...

  • Deepen your brand loyalty?
  • Recoup some of your marketing budget?
  • Keep your marketing banners out of the land fills?

Relan is positioned to help you do just that! 

We repurpose your vinyl billboard material turning it into useful and innovative products that you can use to build brand loyalty, promote your company and your sustainability to your employees, your customers and all of your stakeholders or sell to recoup your media investment.

Become one of the leaders in corporate sustainability!

You can be a sustainability leader, make a difference, and focus on the triple bottom line . . . people, planet and profits.

Through the use of material you already own (marketing banners and billboards) Relan helps you engage your customers, employees, and stake holders and get them talking about you . . . your own walking, talking billboards!    

You will never look at a billboard or banner the same way again!