With over 13,000 conference, conventions, and trade shows held in the United States each year -- what happens to all of the material used for name badges?  Since many conferences are going green and attempting to become zero waste or low waste conferences -- is there a better option? Do we all really need a new name badge for each conference?

4 Ideas for More Environmentally Friendly Name Badges at Conferences, Conventions, and Trade shows:

1.  People who attend conferences had one name badge that they could keep and use at every conference.

2.  Use an environmentally friendly name badge made from upcycled material versus products made of virgin material, coming from overseas that are thrown away at the end of the conference.

Upcycled Verizon Billboard Name Badges

3.  Have one badge with a clip, lanyard, or however you want to attach the tag that gets a new insert for each conference rather than a whole new badge.

4.  Meet people, talk to them, and remember their name even without a name badge - requiring the least amount of material or cost, but the most effort on the attendees part!

Just a small step in the race to zero waste, but each step counts!  If we all do our part we can make a difference!  If each conference, trade show, and convention reduced their environmental footprint we could really drive change.

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