We recently sat down with Social Change Nation to talk Relan, social enterprises, and more. Be sure to listen in to part one and two of the podcast! 

This week we have a podcast guaranteed to be a lot of fun for anyone passionate about fashion, marketing, and up-cycling.

Today’s interview features Kari Brizius, a social entrepreneur helping to create a cleaner environment by up-cycling waste into fashionable, functional, and promotional tote bags.  Kari and her mom run a social enterprise called Relan, which means to reinvent fashion. Relan makes bags, backpacks, cases, and other products out of vinyl taken from old billboards and banners that would otherwise end up in a landfill.  

Over 600,000 tons of vinyl is manufactured each year for billboards alone.  Relan is more than a bag company doing sales in boutique stores, but they instead use their unique product to help other business be champions of sustainability. They partner with business to take their old billboards and banners and up-cylce them into custom bags to give out at conferences, trade shows, or as a part of promotional campaigns. By doing this, Relan is able to promote the clients brand as well as sustainability.

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