We recently sat down with Social Change Nation to talk about Relan, social enterprises, and more. Take a look at the Q&A below and be sure to listen in to part one and two of the podcast!

We are back talking with Kari Brizius of Relan. Relan is the social enterprise that works to reduce waste by repurposing banners and billboards into promotional bags and accessories. Kari answers some question about some of the unique characteristics of Relan and sustainability before going through the lightning round Q & A’s. Show Notes:

What is one Social Enterprise that we should all check out?

What is one piece of advice you give to an aspiring change agent?

  • Do you research on what you think you believe in and then follow your heart

What is your favorite fun escape?

  • Yoga and anything with my kids

What is one book we should all start reading?

The first thing we can all do right now to start changing the world?

  • Stop talking about things and start taking any kind of action.

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