We are excited to announce that we are a finalist for the 2015 Eco-Excellence Awards™! The Eco-Excellence awards are the only ones to recognize excellence in the world of sustainability and social responsibility. Not one, but three of our products are in the running and we need your help to take home the prize! To help us bring home the gold, we’re sweetening the deal:

Cast a vote for our products below and you could win one of the products for yourself!

To enter:

  1. Head over to NCW’s voting page and cast your vote for one (or all!) of our products
  2. Send us a note by posting on our Facebook page (/relanbag) or tweeting us at @relanbag to let us know which products you voted for
  3. If we win in any one of the categories, we will select a lucky winner to take home a product they voted for!

Cast your vote now!

Now, let us introduce you to the products in the running:

Wicked Purse: Accessories for Mom

 Durable, sustainable purses made from recycled banners 

Our beloved “Wicked” purse is made from upcycled vinyl billboards and banners and lined with repurposed fabric.  Each purse is one-of-a-kind so you never have to worry about being out and seeing someone carrying your same bag.  With this purse, we are doing our part to keep part of the over 600,000 tons of vinyl that is discarded each year out of our landfills.

The Wicked Purse was selected as a finalist in the Fashion Category under the Accessories for Mom section.

Messenger Bag: Accessories for Dad

 Messenger Bags made from repurposed billboards and banners

Our “Saddle Bag” reflects the old Western-style messenger bag with rounded corners and additional pockets. The external slash pocket is handy for quickly stashing papers and the inside zippered pocket keeps valuables safe. The bag is created using repurposed vinyl, has an adjustable shoulder or cross body strap and double clip closure. Great for carrying all of your business and personal items, and looking fashionable and eco-friendly at the same time.  With this messenger bag you can help reduce the carbon footprint of vinyl, a hard to recycle material.

Our messenger bag was selected as a finalist in Fashion Category under the Accessories for Dad section.

Backpack: Kids Accessories

 Kids backpacks made from repurposed banners and billboards

This simple, durable, and versatile backpack is perfect for all your carrying needs. With adjustable shoulder straps and velcro closure you can carry all of the kids school supplier easily in this one bag.  Coolest part is no one else at school will have the same bag and they can teach their friends and teachers about upcycling!  Created with upcycled vinyl.  Not only can your kids learn about upcycling, but they can do their part to make our planet a little better and cleaner place to live by keeping this vinyl out of our landfills.

Our backpack was selected as a finalist in Fashion Category under the Accessories for Kids section.

Voting starts today and we need your help to take the award home. Visit the NCW’s voting page to cast your vote now and help us bring home the title!

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