Our New Favorite Go-To Gifts

There is a new site on the map that we are chomping at the bit to share. UpcyclePost provides a platform for members of the growing upcycling community to share and sell their work. Founders Mark Howe and Rich Lancaster have a clear vision: to change the way we view commerce and build a less wasteful society. At UpcyclePost, “our mission is to create an inspired, collaborative community that promotes sustainability.” Music to our ears!

We are lucky enough to be a featured vendor on UpcyclePost, where we can share our mission and our bags with a vast community of like-minded makers and consumers. From old t-shirts and records to science flasks, you won’t believe all of the products the UpcylePost community produces.

We gathered five of our favorite products from the site. Let us know if we missed a product you love!

1. Levi’s Phone Charging Station

Gone are the days of too-short cords or having to charge your phone on the floor. Sunny Lemons has you covered with their charging station made from old Levi’s jeans. This XL pocket even fits the iPhone 6S!

2. Vintage Vinyl Wall Clock

atomicrocketpoplab really delivered with their vinyl wall clocks. Whether you’re into the Eurythmics or Madonna, they have a wall clock for you. We also love their album cover notebooks!

3. Lightbulb Paper Weight

A personal favorite, this lightbulb paper weight from Piece of Trash Art is both functional and lovely. Sherry, the shop owner, creates the paperweights by emptying an old light bulb and filling it with cement. We can’t wait to get our hands on one!

4. Copper Floral Chandelier

Created from wood and an old wire fruit basket, Duenas Upcycle Designs designed this chandelier with an LED light, so no outlet is needed in order to use this little gem. Perfect for any space that needs a little light!

5. Chemistry Terrarium

We can’t get enough of this product. In this set, Doodle Bird Terrariums plants Dicranum Moss in old science flasks. They provide instructions for care and a mini spray bottle with each set. They’ll even provide a free card if you’re purchasing as a gift. This is definitely going on our wish list.

When you shop on UpcyclePost, not only are you supporting local artists, you are also doing your part to reduce our waste stream as consumers. This is definitely the go-to site for gift ideas!

Did we miss a product on UpcyclePost that you love? Send us an email to let us know!