[Photo: FESPA]

MINI USA is a game-changer.

The car company challenged the way we think about compact vehicles, creating a luxury brand of high-performance, fuel-efficient cars that have attracted a strong following. It is no surprise, then, that MINI USA decided to do something unique for their Mini Cooper Hardtop campaign.

We worked with MINI to turn their campaign materials into reusable tote bags for new Mini Cooper owners, giving them a piece of the campaign to take home with their new vehicle. The Mini Cooper is a highly customized car and the totes were designed to be equally as unique.

 MINI Cooper billboards recycled into giveaway tote bags for new customers

By creating the totes, MINI was able to extend the shelf life of their campaign and highlight themselves as an environmentally-conscious brand.

“This bag is made from a real MINI billboard. There is no other like it. Just like you and each MINI.”

Take a look at the process of transforming the old banners into tote bags for new Mini Cooper owners: