It's hard to believe that September is just around the corner! Cue endless aisles of notebooks, pencils, and backpacks as we prepare to head back to school.

Lucky for us, our friends at UpcyclePost know how to back-to-school shop sustainably and in style. We love this round-up of their favorite back-to-school products made from fellow UpcyclePost members.

Take a look at their latest finds below!

[Originally posted by Susan Tucker on UpcyclePost]

An Upcycled Twist on Back to School Shopping

Even as a heat wave is hitting the US, summer days as we know them are starting to dwindle down and back-to-school shopping is on the mind of many (super-organized) families. I’ll admit, I’m not as organized as I would like to be, but I do have lists mounting in my head about what’s ahead this next month, and back-to-school shopping is at the top of it.

Whether you have kids in grade school or college, or if you simply want a Fall office refresh, you’ll love this upcycled twist on back to school shopping!

Get Organized

Getting organized with an upcycling mindset is really quite simple because just about anything can be used! Corral pencils with discarded cans, craft a DIY storage area out of old tins, and anything else you can think of. Your workspace will love you when you get organized with forgotten or unused items.

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Techie Gear

Available for purchase above: Denim Cell Phone Charging StationHandmade Table Cover

Techie gear is a mainstay in my house. We have just about every smart phone, tablet and computer product and accessory ever created (it’s an issue, really). So finding fun ways to present these items with an upcycling mindset is awesome. How fun is that Old Nintendo Controller upcycled iPhone charger? I’ll tell you… so fun!

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Upcycled Bags

How does one transport her techie gear? With upcycled bags, of course! Admittedly, I have a bag issue – much to my husbands dismay, but I want every single one of these bags (can back-to-school include my needs?) You can get upcycled bags for your sports gear, books, and more.

Desk Accessories

Available for purchase above: Recycled Bike Wheel ClockDistressed Wood Floating ShelfGumball Machine Terrarium

Whether you’re a kid or grown up, nothing keeps you motivated better than a fully accessorized desk. A floating shelf is good for keeping knickknacks properly displayed, and an upcycled clock will keep you right on time. Sprinkle in a cool lamp and something green (like this fabulous Gumball machine terrarium!) and you’re set!