As fellow entrepreneurs, we love nothing more than getting together with other women who are crushing it in their fields and creating success on their own terms. And that is exactly what we had the opportunity to do at the Sustainable Business Council LA (SBCLA) Game Changer event for women

The event was held at Expert Dojo, a Santa Monica co-working and event space for entrepreneurs, and the attendee list was stacked with inspiring women who are leaving their mark on the world.

We sipped drinks from Mamma Chia as we listened to the keynotes, and even gave away a few of our own products. Did we mention the event was also hosted on Periscope, where attendees from more than five countries tuned in? 

The highlight of the night was the inspiring advice from women who are shaking up their industries.

From practical business tips to words of encouragement to keep pushing forward, take a look at what these women social entrepreneurs have to say about business, life, and choosing yourself:

 Annalisa Roger quote from SBCLA women game changers event

Annalisa Roger is the CEO of DotGreen Community, Inc., a company that is shaking up the internet. Their goal is to make it easier for consumers to find and support green businesses by providing them with details on the greening efforts of different companies. The company even created the “.green” initiative, where companies can purchase a .green domain to further highlight their sustainability efforts.

Roger’s advice? Making a difference in the world is feasible for all of us. 


 Patty Wagstaff quote from SBCLA women game changers event

Patty Wagstaff is amazing. Founder of the Patty Wagstaff Aerobatic School and Patty Wagstaff Airshows, Inc., she was constantly told growing up that she couldn’t fly because she was a girl. We love women like her who prove that anything is possible when you believe in yourself, besides we actually like doing things “Like a Girl!”. 

Her advice? Interact with other women in your field and most importantly: stick together. 


  Zhena Muzyka  quote from SBCLA women game changers event

Zhena Muzyka founded Zhena’s Gypsy Tea to honor her gypsy heritage and she talked about her heritage as one that sees the whole world as their home. Muzyka founded her company with $6 in her pocket and after watching the deplorable conditions of women workers in the tea industry (think: mandating 17,000 picks of tea to make $1/day), she made a vow to protect other women.

We love her advice: Be very secure in being yourself. 


 Nicole Hansen quote from SBCLA women game changers event

Nicole Hansen, co-founder and president of Green Galaxy Enterprises, started her company with her son after working on a school project. They put their production skills to good use and though her advice for social entrepreneurs is very practical, we think it can often get lost in the mix for business owners trying to make a difference in the world. 

Her suggestion? As a social entrepreneur, make sure you pay yourself first (tip: set aside 10% for yourself)


 Becki Ueno quote from SBCLA's game changer event for women

Becki Ueno, President and Managing Attorney at Sustainable Law Group, is a power house. She hit us with a staggering statistic that women make $.84 to every dollar made by men, which equates to over $33 billion of lost revenue in California alone. She also taught us the importance of protecting our intellectual property.

Ueno's words of wisdom? Always understand your rights and learn the art of negotiation. 


 Brianna Brown quote from SBCLA women game changers event

We don’t know if it’s possible to love Brianna Brown more than we already do. As an actress and the founder/CEO of The New Hollywood, she is challenging the stereotypes women face and the negative self-talk that often gets the best of us. She challenged us to ask ourselves, “In what area of life am I playing small? How can I change that?” She also encouraged women to work together, not against each other. 

The biggest takeaway from Brown?: To be a pack leader: Encourage women to stop dimming themselves to fit in. 


 Kabira Stokes quote from SBCLA women game changers event

Kabira Stokes was told she would never survive in a male-dominated industry. The founder and CEO of Isidore Electronics Recycling, she has helped responsibly recycle over 1 million pounds of electronic waste. Another thing we love about Stokes? Her company is committed to hiring and training people coming out of prison and looking for a second chance in their community. 

Stokes’ advice?: Always stand with yourself.


 Nadaresh Afsharmanesh quote from SBCLA women game changers event

Nadaresh Afsharmanesh came from a hard life in Iran. After running away from an abusive situation to protect her children, she turned her life around. Now the VP of Sustainability and Education at Earth Friendly Products, Afsharmanesh taught us that it is possible to live the life that you dream of. 

Her words of wisdom?: It is always possible to turn your life around.


Your Turn:

What words of wisdom do you love from fellow women entrepreneurs? Let us know in the comments!

Take a look at a few photos from the SBCLA Game Changer event:

A big thanks to Molly Lavik and the SBCLA for inviting us and hosting such an amazing event!