New, improved Relan website

Welcome to the latest and greatest Relan website - same location, but upgraded! 

After weeks of updates, we are ecstatic to share the final, more visual site with you. With the upgraded site, you can easily view the array of products for your audience and fans that can be created from your old marketing materials (think vinyl, mesh, cotton, and jersey) and the positive impact they have on both your community and our environment. These products are one small step toward zero waste for any organization and help reduce the amount of virgin material coming to our landfills from overseas.  

Now, kick your feet up and get comfortable: Here are five noteworthy updates to check out: 


The MVP of the new site, our new product pages highlight the wide array of products you can create using your old marketing materials. Check out the Best Sellers list for inspiration or take a look at our newest products: the Beach Tote and Flip Business Card Holder



What is “upcycling" anyway? Swing by the Process page to learn more about what the upcycling process is all about. There, we talk numbers, share the five-step product creation process, and highlight the various materials you can use to create unique, usable products. The best part? It's easy! 



Relan's work stems beyond the products created. We are more than a banners-to-bag company; we care deeply about the environment and the impacts we have with our waste streams. The Why We Care page is a place to share stories, causes, and news that drives our work and keeps us motivated to help build a zero waste world. Check out videos from Prince EA, Plasticized, and The True Cost to understand why Relan cares, get inspired, and better understand how your actions can lead to positive outcomes. 



Some amazing organizations have chosen Relan as their upcycling partner, from the Portland Timbers to The Phantom of the Opera. The new testimonial pages highlight some of these partnerships, including the including the one-of-a-kind products each organization chose to create.



The new Community page gives us a place to highlight several organizations that are working toward a better, more sustainable future in conjunction with Relan. We are proud to be part of these incredible groups that are working to find solutions to many of the environmental issues around the world. 

We hope you enjoy the upgraded website as much as we do. Of course, we'd love your feedback: Let us know what you think in the comments!