12 Branded Holiday Gifts Your Customers Will Love

Believe it or not, the holiday season is right around the corner.

According to a study conducted by the Advertising Specialty institute, companies plan to spend an average of $43 per customer and $50 per employee on corporate holiday gifts this year. 

If you are gifting your fans, customers, or employees this year, now is a great time to start planning. 

From branded tote bags for corporate employees to document cases for season ticket holders, we’ve created our fair share of eco-friendly holiday gifts here at Relan. If you’re in need of inspiration for your holiday gifts, here’s a list of twelve products that might be a perfect match for your needs: 


1. Wine tote

 Branded, eco-friendly wine tote holiday gift

Great for: Anyone! (Just kidding, sort of). Great for clients, employees, or season ticket holders

Customize it: If your budget allows, fill each wine bag with a bottle of wine. Otherwise, you could fill each bag with a gift card, discount card, or a well-crafted thank you card. We also have a double wine tote if one just isn't enough. 


2. Golf tee bag

 Branded, corporate golf tee bag holiday gift

Great for: Corporate clients or golf-loving employees

Customize it: Fill each bag with branded golf tees. If you’re looking to up your gift game, pair this with a box of Nike or Titleist golf balls.


3. Business or gift card holder

 Business or gift card holder made from recycled products

Great for: Business owners, college students, employees

Customize it: Add a gift card to this holder and give a unique gift that can be converted to a business card holder. Bonus? You can include your business card in the other side.


4. Tablet case

 Eco-friendly tablet case for corporate gifts

Great for: Employees or tech-savvy clients

Customize it: Fill each tablet case with an iTunes or Amazon gift card so your gift receiver can load up on books and music for their tablets. Do you have an app or are you introducing one? Let your clients know as part of this gift. 


5. Luggage tags

Great for: Frequent flyer clients

Customize it: Create a travel gift basket with branded a luggage tag, travel snacks, magazines, and headphones. Work in the retail space? Throw in one of your products as part of the travel pack.


6. Duffle bag

 Branded duffle bag made from recycled materials for your corporate holiday gifts

Great for: Traveling or gym-loving clients, fans

Customize it: This duffle bag is great as-is, but if you’re in a generous mood, you can pair it with airline points or a travel toolkit with q-tips, toothpaste, etc. If you decide to make this with fabric, it turns into a must-have gym bag!


7. Messenger Bag

 Eco-friendly messenger bag for holiday gift

Great for: Students, busy moms, employees, and bike enthusiasts

Customize it: In this versatile messenger bag, include a tablet case or business card holder to create a fully branded holiday gift package. 


8. Cooler

 Insulated, branded cooler for holiday gifts

Great for: Outdoor-loving clients and employees, brands with a focus on the outdoors, tailgating fans

Customize it: If you're looking for something your clients or fans haven't seen before, this cooler is it. Add your favorite beverages and snacks, tailgating swag, or a gift card to any outdoor store to this cooler.


9. Drawstring bag

 Branded, sustainable drawstring bag for holiday gifts

Great for: Athletic brands, sports fans, sports-loving employees

Customize it: Fill this drawstring bag with brand swag or an eco-friendly water bottle. If you're supplying gifts to die-hard fans, fill this bag with stadium food or drink tickets, or discounted ticket offers. 


10. Makeup bag

 Branded makeup bag for women holiday gifts

Great for: Beauty brands, makeup-loving customers

Customize it: If you’re a beauty brand, fill the makeup bag with your products or travel-sized makeup products. If you’re not in the mood to shop for products, fill each bag with a gift card to a beauty store. 


11. Backpack

 Branded, eco-friendly backpack for holiday gifts

Great for: Season ticket holders, children's brands, employees with kids

Customize it: Fill this backpack with game tickets, discount offers, or swag for your most loyal fans. Children's brand? Include a sampling of your products with this branded backpack.


12. Tote bag

 Branded, durable tote bags for corporate holiday gifts

Great for: Anyone and everyone!

Customize it: The tried-and-true tote bag is so versatile that you can fill it with anything that speaks to or promotes your brand. Gift cards, travel products, or brand swag are all great fillers. 

Your turn:

What are you doing this year for your customers, fans, and employees? Let us know in the comments!

Interested in parterning with us for your holiday gifts? Drop me a line to get started!

Image: Flickr/Markus Spiske