Fall has just begun, but now is actually the perfect time to order your corporate gifts for the upcoming holiday season.

Your employees, customers, vendors, fans, and current and potential clients all deserve something special, so forget overdone “been there done that” offerings and be your company’s gift-giving hero by surprising everyone with sustainable gifts this holiday season.

According to Brandwatch, more than half of people who received branded products said it left them with a more favorable view of the company and 87% of those same people kept the product for more than a year.

As a business, you have to choose your marketing options carefully. After all, there are so many different ways to get your name out there, and it can be stressful to determine which will yield the best results.

With branded products, you can trust that the positive feelings your product engenders will spread week after week as people carry your brand with them wherever they go.


Work with Relan

The advantage of Relan customized products is that they are handcrafted with care. Our combined commitment to style and sustainability means that you can trust that when you give your branded gifts to your valued customers, fans, or employees, you can do so with pride.

Need some ideas?

Check out some of the products that we created over the past year for companies like the Minnesota Wild and MINI USA. From aprons to ukulele bags, we’ve done it all! Creating both standard branded products and some unconventional ones, we can help you stand out!

Portfolio Carrying Case created for the Minnesota Business Magazine
Top Uses: Carry your laptop, electronics, and documents while commuting to work
Ideal For: Colleges professors, professionals, or sales people


Athletic Bag created for the Minnesota Wild 
Top Uses: Carry sports equipment or to the work out gear to the gym
Ideal for: Athletic brands and sports-savvy fans or employees


Ukulele Cases created for Ohana Ukulele
Top Uses: Musicians and kids learning to play the ukulele
Ideal for: Music store employees or music school teachers


Extra Large Tote created for MINI USA
Top Uses: Hauling groceries or carrying wet suits & beach gear
Ideal for: Surfers & SCUBA divers, sports fans, or grocery stores


Grab and Go Tote created for Overland Park - STEMS
Top Uses: Carry your laptop, iPad, books, and everything for work meetings. Pack for the beach, kids sports/games, weekend trips, or stow under your airline seat while traveling
Ideal for: 
College professors, professionals, working parents, or traveling salespeople

Apron created for Wicked
Top Uses: Painting, working with kids and pets, working in a lab, or design a cooler (not shown)  
Ideal for: Chefs, teachers, pet groomers, or outdoor athletes

Urban Tote created for Shea's Theater - Chicago
Top Uses: Hold bottles of wine at holiday party or keep in your car to run errands
Ideal For: Company party, vendors, or client gifts


Chicago Wristlet created for Shea's Theater - Chicago
Top Uses: Easily carry all your essentials with you
Ideal For: Employees, fans, or potential clients


Pony Express Bag created for Theatre Under the Stars
Top Uses: Carry your laptop, cell phone, office files, or books
Ideal for: Commuters, professionals, or sales people

365 Deluxe Tote Created for New England Aquarium
Top Uses: Carry sweater/jacket as the season changes or pack for a weekend getaway
Ideal for: VIP clients or potential clients

Saddle Bag created for Shea's Theater
Top Uses: Carry your business necessities including laptop, cell phone, and business cards
Ideal for: VIP clients, potential clients, or sales people


Don’t blend in by giving the same old holiday gifts this year. Everyone loves to receive something unique so surprise and delight your customers, fans, and employees by giving them a gift that is not sold in stores.  

Ready to finally stand for something different this holiday season? Connect with us to get your custom order started before it’s too late!


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