How to Have a Greener Holiday with Upcycled Gifts

Can you feel it?!  

The high spirits, the sweet smell of hot cocoa, the light decorations abundant throughout the town streets. It’s finally the holiday season! Time to find friends, stay with family, reflect on good memories, and be appreciative of those who have been with you throughout the year.  

While one of the most important things you can do to showcase your appreciation is to spend time with friends and family this holiday season, many add to the occasion by exchanging gifts to show their gratitude.

But do you ever feel stuck on finding the right gifts? It’s a stressful epidemic often caused by factors of price, value, and the possibility that the person on the receiving end not like their gift. This year, while you’re wondering what to get for those special people in your life, reduce your stress of chasing that “perfect gift” and have a greener holiday by considering the following alternatives.

Big Corporations “Get It”

What if you could give something meaningful all the while saving the planet? This would not mean devaluing the gift that you give – rather, it is creating the possibility of giving a gift that is either reused, recycled, or upcycled in perfect condition!  

Many modern-day companies are pledging to move towards a more sustainable way of making products, so there are plenty of gifts to find that fall in said categories. Take IKEA for example. Plenty of household items that are sold in their stores are in fact produced using extremely sustainable techniques, especially involving forestry. Interestingly, the company doubled investments in clean energy and by 2020, the company will run on 100% clean energy. The example IKEA set is being followed by plenty of other companies, like Nike, Samsung, BMW, and the list goes on.

A New Way to Give

More importantly, whether you are creative or not, you can make simple gifts out of things and materials found in your own house. Have a foodie on your list? Give the gift of an experience combined with pre-made packages or jars of ingredients that will eventually become easy cooking projects.  

What if someone wants or needs to update his or her wardrobe? If you have the skill of knitting, knit a hat or a scarf! But if you are not skilled at knitting, give them that jacket you only wore once but never wore again. Or perhaps they are just not sure what they want? Make that person a do-it-yourself (DIY) project that can be found on websites like Pinterest or Etsy.

These gifts are the best way to create memories that last forever which never fails to put a smile on everyone's face.

Reuse & Recycle Gift Resources

  • ReUSE Minnesota (@ReUSEMN) supports sustainable living and reduces waste. The ReUSE Minnesota business community connects you to local, thrifty and eco-friendly goods and services. Search their network of local Minnesota retailers to do some last minute shopping!
  • Mud Jeans (@MudJeansNL) is making a difference by adopting a recycling model is Mud Jeans. With Mud, you can wear your jeans until you’re ready to switch them for another pair. Mud will then recycle them for you so you will always be up-to-date and guilt-free.

This December they are offering a discount when purchasing a pair of jeans. Or, you can decide to give the discount to the ones that made your jeans, the employees in Tunisia.


Make an Impact with the Three R's

Every year, tons of waste and carbon emissions are created from manufacturing products, everything ranging from clothes to water bottles. If we all strive towards making gifts sustainable for the environment, we would be doing a great favor to the Earth and its future.  

So, before you rush out and buy your friends and family manufactured gifts that might end up in a landfill, be a little creative this holiday season and make them something from items or materials that were used once but are far from useless. The value of making potentially beautiful gifts is simply the first step towards putting a smile on everyone’s face, including the Earth’s.

Relan can create unique, eco-friendly, beautiful products for anyone on your list which may include your employees, fans, customers, and people at an upcoming tradeshow, no matter what time of year. Contact us to start the conversation so your company can grow and become more eco-friendly!

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