This month, April 22, 2016, marks the 46th anniversary for Earth Day.  In April of 2020, we will mark 50 years of celebrating Earth Day.  It is great to have a special day to celebrate our Earth.  Imagine what we can do if we think about Earth every day of the year.
Here is a list of 10 things that you can do and teach your children to do EVERY DAY to help save our Earth.

save water

1.  Turn the water off when brushing your teeth, washing your face and washing your hands. Every drop counts!

2.  Turn lights off when leaving your room. Even if you are gone for 5 minutes, turning the lights off will save valuable energy.

3.  Turn off and unplug your TV, iPod, iPad and other devices. Cords plugged into the wall still draw electricity.

4.  Carry reusable water bottles and fill up at home and at drinking fountains. 

5.  Help your parents remember to take reusable bags when shopping not only for groceries, but for all shopping.  Every time you don’t use a plastic bag, you save valuable resources.

6.  Pick up trash around your yard or organize a neighborhood cleanup. Picking up trash will keep it from washing down the sewers.  When trash goes down the sewer drains, it can wind up in our rivers and oceans.

7.  Encourage your parents to raise the thermostat in the summer (the air conditioner will run less often and use less energy) and lower the thermostat in the winter (the furnace will run less often and use less energy).

plant a garden

8.  Find the recycling symbol on all the cans, bottles, boxes, and packaging in your home. Make sure that if it can be recycled, that it goes into the recycling container. 

9.  Make a poster showing all the different recycling symbols from these containers. Place it in your home so you and your family know what can be recycled.

10.  Plant a garden in your yard or in pots around your home. Take care of them every day and watch them grow.

The CEO Corner is a Relan Blog series by our very own Della Simpson about living a green, happy, and healthy lifestyle from the inside out. Della is certified by YogaFit as a yoga instructor. Learn more about Della here.