We are excited! We’ve been waiting for the perfect day and it’s finally here! Well, at least it’s the day we have chosen to release and offer our first book on the Mascot Warriors!

Mascot Warriors

Book? Mascot Warriors?  

Yes, our first book dedicated to educating children about environmental issues and what they can do to help save planet Earth.  You see, many team mascots are on the endangered species list and they need help.  The mascots are recruiting young athletes to become Mascot Warriors and learn about what is happening out in the world and to the habitats of these animals. The mascots take the Mascot Warriors on magical adventures to their homeland and show them firsthand what is happening.  In the first book, Dolly, a dolphin mascot, escorts the young warriors to the Great Pacific Garbage Patch where they swim like dolphins. But beware . . . the evil PHAR lurks close by. 

At Relan, Kari and I are dedicated to creating products that engage fans, visitors and all stakeholders with sustainability and sustainability initiatives. However, we know that the real key to a healthy future lies within our children.  If we educate our young children about sustainability, it will be second nature to them to save water, recycle and reuse, carry reusable drink and food containers, eliminate pesticides and GMOs from their food supply and live healthy, sustainable lives. Their creativity will result in a healthy future for the planet and life on Earth. 

In addition to the education this book provides, we are also donating 10% of each book purchased to the World Wildlife Fund to directly support endangered species and their habitats.  You can buy the e-book HERE.   

We hope that you will join us in the Mascot Warrior community to learn and share ideas for educating the next generation as stewards of our earth.  Please share your feedback on the book or any questions you have below.

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