The joys of flying

I’m sure that you, like me, love having the opportunity to travel! Of course every trip . . . whether for fun or business offers great opportunities for the joys of travel and the potential agony of the trip! As with everything, it is how we look at these adventures that makes every minute worth living.

I am very fortunate, that through our business, I have the opportunity to travel several times a year to Los Angeles to work with and visit Kari and her family. I am always very excited as the departure time draws near and always somewhat anxious never knowing what grand experiences lay ahead! This trip started with the Delta short circuit . . . the power outage in Atlanta that stopped Delta flights internationally. That was Monday. My flight was on Wednesday.

Wednesday arrived: I eagerly check the flight status. My flight’s on time! I get to the airport two hours early just to be safe!


Walking down the concourse, I see hundreds of sleeping pads along the walls and lots of people sleeping on them! The woman next to me says, “Yes, some of them have been sleeping here for TWO days!  It’s been a mess.” She is in charge of all the custodial people within the Minneapolis airport for Terminal 1 and Terminal 2. They service the airport 24-hours a day! And they provide sleeping pads for travelers who have been detained.

Then they pick up the pads, sterilize them, and dream of never having to drag them out again!!


Delta provided all the blankets and pillows. As she says goodbye and heads into her office, I thought how lucky I am to understand more of what goes on at the airport and how lucky we are to have the opportunity to travel.

I have time, so I stop at French Meadow for a quick bite. I love the organic food served here and they even have Kombucha, my new favorite drink. Although set up to appear to be a quick service operation, it is much more of a long stand up and wait service. I order organic oatmeal. I am the only one in line. It will be 10 minutes for my order. I wonder about the past 2 days. How long the lines must have been. How long was the wait! I smile and think how lucky I am NOT to have spent the night!

Text message: Your Delta Flight has been delayed 2.5 hours.

Oh well, this will give me time to write! It’s always so difficult to find time to just sit and sit and sit . . . I’m so lucky to have this extra time!  I settle in at my gate . . . bruuuunk, bruuuunk, bruuuunk . . . the sirens are going off:  “Attention please, attention please. Smoke has been detected in this part of the airport. The fire department has been notified. Please pay attention and clear this area upon further notice.” Of course, this goes on for about two minutes and just in case someone didn’t hear it the first five times and is then repeated one more time. No one moves. I later hear the smoke was at the French Meadow . . . they burned toast! How lucky I am . . . it wasn’t my toast!

I’m now sitting and typing away. Delta announces, “For those of you on flight 311 to LA, we apologize for the delay and have water and snacks for you.” Wow! Second announcement, “please bring your boarding pass as there are about 700 people in this area and we can’t afford to feed everyone!” I’m so lucky to be on Delta flight 311!

Another one hour delay. I rush to the Delta help desk. There is a flight into Orange County in 45 minutes.  Bummer. All flights to West Coast are booked. Then the announcement, “We have a plane. But our flight crew is stranded in NY on a canceled flight.” Not a good sign! Hmmmmm . . . so what are my choices? Sit here and wait. Or, go to the gate for the flight to Orange County . . . just in case someone doesn’t show up? I head to the gate. There is no line. I walk up. I explain my flights. I smile. And, I politely beg. I cannot believe it! I’m on the waiting list! I’m on the flight! I am so lucky to be flying Delta!

We’re boarding! I’m boarding! I’m in my seat! I am so lucky! 

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