Hello spring!

We’re finally getting a taste of sunshine and warmer weather in Minnesota and man, it feels good. Wherever you are, there is buzz about spring that you just can’t ignore: The start of baseball season, NHL and NBA playoffs, Earth Day, spring blooms, and longer days. 

Spring is also the start of conference season (though some event planners might argue that conference season is year-round). If you’re in charge of planning a corporate event, ordering giveaways and materials for your company’s conference booth, or working with your community on an outreach project, you are likely locked and loaded with to-do lists, giveaway ideas, and session topics. 

In 2014, the promotional products industry proved it was still big business, bringing in over $20 billion in revenue. T-shirts, pens, shopping bags, and calendars topped the list of promotional product sales for business gifts, brand awareness builders, trade shows, and more. But, as many of us have experienced, many of those items end up in landfills after the events are over.   

Which begs the question - how do you stand out from the sea of pens and chip clips while also providing a product with a purpose?

We’ve been in the business of branded marketing materials for 20 years. By working with organizations like the Green Sports Alliance, MINI USA, Target, and the LA Clippers, we’ve learned a thing or two over the years about what makes a good promotional product. And, by using repurposed banners, mesh, billboards, t-shirts, jersey, and other items that would otherwise go to landfills, our clients rest easy knowing that the products they’re providing are helping, not hurting, the environment.

Here are 15 promotional product ideas for your next event that will leave a positive impact on your customers, fans, shareholders, and the environment:


1. The PickUp tote

Perfect for: Giveaways at corporate training events, races, and conferences

Who’s used the product: La Fashionista provided a PickUp tote for each attendee at their magazine launch event

 Eco-friendly golf tee bags

Perfect for: Sponsoring a golf tournament or filling with branded golf tees to hand out at corporate events

Who’s used the product: The Justin Crane Memorial golf tournament used Relan golf tee bags as giveaways

Perfect for: Conference booth giveaways, volunteer and employee gifts 

Who’s used the product: The Phantom of the Opera created small tote bags to use for actor and actress gifts

Perfect for: A multi-day client or grand opening event 

Who’s used the product: ECOS (Earth Friendly Products) used overprinted branded t-shirts to create reusable lunch totes for the grand opening of their East Coast and Southern California locations


Perfect for: Hand outs at a conference booth or as a gift card holder for client gifts 

Who’s used the product: Relan business card holders were used as VIP gifts at a Women Making History event

 Eco-friendly document case

Perfect for: A memorable way to send tickets to season ticket holders 

Who’s used the product: The Portland Timbers created document cases to provide the season's tickets to season ticket holders


Perfect for: Retreat or conference promotional products, giveaways for traveling conference attendees

Who’s used the product: Target created luggage tags as event volunteer gifts 

Perfect for: VIP gifts and birthday or holiday gifts for clients and prospects, raffle prize giveaways at fundraising events

Who’s used the product: The LA Clippers created wine totes to use as VIP gifts 

Perfect for: Client or brand ambassador gifts, environmentally-friendly VIP or client gifts  

Who’s used the product: Sophie Uliano created deluxe totes to use as a giveaway during her book launch event in New York

Perfect for: Sporting event giveaways or thank-you gifts for race volunteers 

Who’s used the product: The Green Sports Alliance provided drawstring bags at a charity event

Perfect for: Client or prospect gifts, launch event promotional products

Who’s used the product: Google created saddle bags to use as giveaways to promote a new product launch 

12. Kids' backpack

Perfect for: Products for family-friendly or community events, environmentally-friendly giveaways at conferences, or thank-you gifts for speakers 

Who’s used the product: The Portland Timbers provided kids' backpacks as part of their Stand Together Week 

Perfect for: Back-to-school or college campus recruiting events, conference giveaways. Could also fill with branded office supplies to give away at corporate training events 

Who’s used the product: ISCO created pencil pouches to use as a promotional product at a conference 

14. Pad folder

Perfect for: Intern gifts, foundation gifts, or community event raffle prizes. Could also be great as a giveaway during sales presentations

Who’s used the product: Fox Sports West created pad folders to use as client gifts 

Perfect for: Launch event or VIP giveaways, community event products. Could also fill with training materials and use as welcome gift for new hires. 

Who’s used the product: HP created grab-and-go totes to use as employee gifts. The best part? Each tote used a repurposed banner of the employee's face! 

Interested in providing one of our products at your next event?

Our upcycling process is simple: 

  1. Let us know which product(s) you’re interested in and your timeline 
  2. Create your custom private label or let us do this part for you
  3. Send us your materials. Shipping is simple: Use UPS, FedEx, or USPS for shipments under 200 lbs or our logistics team for over 200 lbs. No material? No problem! We have material on hand we can use to create products as well. 
  4. We create your products and ships them back to you
  5. Share the final products with your fans, customers, employees, and stakeholders! 

Contact Kari Brizius to get started a new order. You can catch her at kbrizius@relangreen.com