It’s been two weeks since we released our first book, Mascot Warriors.

Bringing an idea like a book series to life is a test of patience and a lesson in dedication. But, it has also been so rewarding to learn a new industry like publishing and finally get our hands on a hard copy of the book. 

Like any good project, writing a book is a process. We learned so much along the way and wanted to the lessons learned with you. If you’re considering writing your own book or embarking on a project in uncharted territory, I hope you’ll find some of our insights valuable.

Coming up with the idea for Mascot Warriors

Kari and I have been working with the Green Sports Alliance for several years. In 2015, the Green Sports Alliance announced that they were launching a new program called "Mascots Forever" that would focus on endangered species.

Many of the mascots for sports teams are listed on the endangered species list. We created Mascot Warriors to engage young athletes with the animal mascots and to show them how endangered species and the environment affect not only the animals, but all life on earth. We hope that children and adults will learn about the challenges facing Earth and life, and discover ways to make a difference today and for future generations.

Designing the characters

 Mascot Warriors book

Kari and I came up with the characters and illustrated the book ourselves, which made the process of creating the book that much more rewarding. 

The most surprising lesson learned

I couldn’t believe how many ideas arose for future adventures led by mascots while doing research on the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. There are so many things that contribute to the endangerment of animals and humans, and so much that we can do to help turn the situation around. 

Every day, new ideas are generated that have the potential to create a better future and the more we researched, the more ideas continued to flow. 

Giving back to the World Wildlife Fund

 Mascot Warriors book

Relan is dedicated to being a social enterprise and giving back to the community and because of the premise of the book, the World Wildlife Fund was the perfect organization to which the Mascot Warriors can give back.

Sparking conversations about the future of our planet

I hope Mascot Warriors inspires families to get involved in sustainability initiatives in their communities and beyond, and educates our youth that we all have a responsibility to take care of the Earth and all of its creatures. I also hope it highlights that small things add up, like volunteering for a local park cleanup or committing to better recycling habits as a family. 

Purchase your own copy of Mascot Warriors

You can buy your own copy of Mascot Warriors online. Ten percent of the proceeds from each book is donated to the World Wildlife Fund. If you buy a copy, I’d love to hear your feedback either in the comments below or over email (you can reach me at Your input is valuable and will contribute to the Mascot Warriors series.


"If we work hard to train our teams, we can make a difference, defeat PHAR, save our mascots and save our earth."