Theatre has the power to transport us to beautiful and magical places. When the final curtain closes, you're back in the real world where everyone needs to play a part in keeping it magical and beautiful. Theatre companies can be a part of the solution.


From collection drives to building green sets and reusing set materials, the performing arts community is proving that being more sustainable is not only a great way to cut costs, but it puts them on a trajectory to ensure the future health of their company.

One organization that’s taking center stage is the Broadway Green Alliance (BGA), an industry-wide initiative that educates, motivates, and inspires the entire theatre community and its patrons to adopt environmentally friendlier practices.

The Broadway Green Alliance (BGA) has taken the sustainability message to heart. We partnered with Susan Sampliner, co-chair of BGA and Company Manager of the Broadway company of Wicked, to replace their current Wicked swag with a greener option. Literally.

A total of six product lines were created from the Wicked billboards and street pole banners for The Broadway Green Alliance which included Flip Biz Business Card Holders, Pencil Pouches, Loose Change Purses, Aprons, Small Totes, and U'B Chillin' Coolers.

When everyone saw the newly transformed billboards and street pole banners, they were absolutely thrilled with the new eco-friendly products!

Pioneering the way to upcycle street pole banners, pole wraps, and billboards from cities they visit, The Broadway Green Alliance is calling upon other theatre production companies to join forces in the sustainability movement.

No longer do these beautiful images need to become trash!

The performing arts is an essential part of our culture with its power to engage people and change lives. If you want to transform your organization and engage your employees and fans, start the conversation by contacting us today!

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