There is no shortage of brands in today’s marketplace, competing for every potential consumer’s attention. With so many new options popping up every other week, customers find it difficult to maintain loyalty towards a single brand. This is why building brand loyalty should be part of your marketing strategy.

So, the question is, how do you keep loyal customers once you have them? The answer: branding.

What is Branding?

Branding consultant and author of Brand Seduction: How Neuroscience Can Help Marketers Build Memorable Brands, Daryl Weber defines a brand as “a collection of associations,” and “Not just a logo or icon. Your brand is not an endpoint. It’s a starting point. A vision, a process.” It’s a complicated and fuzzy journey, but these are the images and values that people personally assign to your product or service.

One example is Starbucks. They have created a solid brand image and practically “own” the coffee space. Their brand centers around the customer experience by their in-store ambiance, welcoming you by name, and by trusting that you’ll get the same quality product no matter which worldwide location you visit.

Simply put, branding is how you make your customers feel and at the end of the day, it’s is the key differentiator when it comes time for your customers to choose between your company and your competitors.

Keep Loyal Customers

One-time customers are good but it’s more lucrative to focus on getting repeat customers. It’s anywhere from 5 to 25 times cheaper to retain a customer than it is to attract a new one. Loyal patrons help your brand to ensure predictable, stable, and substantial growth so instead of dedicating your resources refilling your pipeline, just keep the customers you have. But how do you do that?

There are many ways to keep your business top-of-mind and raving fans. Here are four tips on how to create and keep the loyal customers you’ve worked so hard to get.

Tip 1: The Inside Scoop

Let your customers in on what’s going on with your business. Get your customers involved with what’s happening behind the scenes at your company. Keep them in the loop of any new developments via social media and email newsletters. Is your brand going to collaborate with a celebrity for launching a new line? Give them the exclusive sneak peek! Is there going to be an unexpected sale? Give your customers a reason to walk into your store or buy online sooner rather than later.


Tip 2: Customer Engagement

Get your customers involved with each other on social media in a members-only group where they can discuss or share ideas. Join the conversation and stay visible as an industry expert so you can keep a pulse on your customers. This is a great way to learn what’s important to your audience through organic conversation. Don’t be afraid to ask questions and just be real! People appreciate authenticity and are more likely to stick around if they know there’s a face behind the logo.

Tip 3: Customer Feedback

The customer is king. A lot of customers will leave if they don't feel valued and most will never admit the reason they left! If they were they happy with your product or service, listen to what they have to say and do what you can to fix things if something didn’t go as expected.

Showing how you handle even the most honest mistake can turn a negative fan into a raving one. This also shows others who may be contemplating purchasing from your company how they can expect to be treated should something go awry.

Tip 4: Reward Loyal Customers

Your focus should always be on your loyal customers rather than the first-time consumers. To ensure that you get repeated business from your regular customers, start rewarding them now! Everything from exclusive content on your website to loyalty cards and coupons, there are a number of ways to make your raving fans feel special. The better the rewards, the bigger the repeat business you can expect in the future. While it is important to think big, it is necessary to stay practical at the same time.

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