It seems that as we become adults, we sometimes forget the power of the word “why”...specifically when it comes to leadership. We hear all the time that a leader needs to have passion, but to truly become a great leader, you must also know the “why” behind your passion. And perhaps even more importantly, you must be able to communicate your passion so that others will be inspired and follow. But, how do you do that?

Lead with ‘why’

What sets great leaders apart from the rest is their ability to communicate and inspire others with their passion.

If you haven’t watched How Great leaders Inspire Action by Simon Sinek, the third most popular Ted Talk of all time, I highly encourage you to pause and watch it right now. In his presentation, Sinek dissects the corporate messaging that we’ve come accustomed to hearing. To an exception to the rule, he chooses Apple, the multinational technology company, as a shining example of one organization that's doing it right.

By demonstrating Apple’s inspirational “why” compared to their competitors, it’s clear why Apple has gained a cult following and why people stand in line for hours at new product releases.

Golden Circle

The outermost circle represents the “what,” the middle circle represents the “how,” and the inner circle represents the “why.”  Broken down, the outer two circles respond to the part of the brain that is correlated to language but the inner circle, the “why,” is connected to the part of the brain that has no capacity for language, only feelings. When your customers understand the “why” behind what you are doing, they can’t help but be moved and inspired. This helps to build customer loyalty.


Find Your “Why”

What’s your company’s "why?" (And no, it's not to make money). Think about the core purpose of your business. For Relan, our “why” is to save our planet for the next generation, for our children, our grandchildren, and our grandchildren’s grandchildren. We are mothers. We tell stories. We are eager to help our customers communicate their sustainability stories and communicate their “why” to their employees, customers, and fans so that they will be inspired and engaged to be stewards of our planet.   

In the sustainability arena, many of us have found our passion and we are working hard to share it with the entire world; We want to get everyone on board with saving our planet.  Our stewardship, the ethics that embody the responsible planning and management of resources, is critical.  We know what fuels our passion and “why” passion and we feel that must broadcast it.

So, dig deep and formulate your “why” so that everyone knows what gets you out of bed each morning. Start each day eager to inspire others by telling your story, communicating your passion from the inside out. If you need ideas, contact Relan and we can help!

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