Relan's 5 Favorite Women-Owned Sustainable Brands

Women and girls make up more than half the world’s population. Because they are on the frontlines of poverty, climate change, food insecurity, and lacking health care, they often are more deeply impacted than men and boys.

Women’s contributions and leadership are the key to finding a solution. That’s why we wanted to recognize these five outstanding leaders in sustainability who have caught our attention and inspired us here at Relan.

Learn more about these inspiring female entrepreneurs and their brands.

 Sally Ride, first American woman to fly in space

1. Amanda LaGrange

CEO, Tech Dump

Amanda sees business as a solution for poverty and injustice and she’s passionate about providing jobs for adults facing barriers to employment.

Recognized as a 2014 Top 50 Women in Business by The Minneapolis-St Paul Business Journal, Amanda became the CEO of Tech Dump in September 2015.

Tech Dump is a free pickup and drop-off recycling service for computer-related eWaste and ensures that all data is permanently destroyed.

Learn more about Tech Dump and their drop off locations.

 Alice Stebbin Wells quote

2. Ruth True

Founder, Nube9

Nube9 manufactures basketball uniforms in the U.S.A made from recycled plastic bottles. In their first year on the market (2016), they diverted 795,000 plastic bottles from the landfill! Closing the recycling loop, she urges teams to send uniforms back which would otherwise end up going to a landfill.

Read more about Nube9, their processes, and how your team can order eco-friendly uniforms.

 Kristen Griest and Shaye Haver, first female Army Ranger graduates

3. Gia Machlin

President & CEO, EcoPlum

In 2008, Gia Machlin created EcoPlum, an environmentally focused media and E-commerce company after a long career in management consulting.

Gia soon realized that the wealth of knowledge she was developing could really benefit others after she had begun her own personal journey to lead a more sustainable lifestyle for herself and for her family. Wanting to make a difference, she built a company that inspired people to have fun and at the same time, made it easier to make better lifestyle choices.

Gia has been a leader in sustainability of one of the earliest online boutiques. EcoPlum provides sustainable fashion and lifestyle products to consumers and eco-friendly office products to brands.

 Elizabeth Blackwell quote

4. Kabira Stokes

Founder, Homeboy Recycling

Homeboy Recycling is a women-led, award-winning social enterprise that provides on-the-job training and employment for men and women who face barriers to employment by providing job opportunities to formerly gang-involved and previously incarcerated men and women.

Learn more about the recycling services that Homeboy Recycling offers.

 Judith Brewer, first female career firefighter

5. Gwyneth Paltrow

Founder & CCO, goop

Gwyneth Paltrow is the founder of a primarily female start-up, as well as the Chief Creative Officer, of the lifesytle goop.

A lifestyle company, Gwyneth has created a space to discuss health, wellness, and mindfulness, primarily focusing on the topic of basic rights to clean and healthy food, properly regulated personal care products, and access to information to help make healthier choices for ourselves and families.

Shop the goop skincare line and learn how to get her “goop glow.”

Relan Wrap-Up

Are you a women-owned organization in the area of sustainability? We'd love to hear from you. Send me a quick email to let me know how Relan can be a resource to your and support your organization!

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