7 Most Frequently Asked Questions About Relan

We compiled the top questions we receive here at Relan. Everything from repurposing vinyl banners and billboards to the materials we can use for upcycling, and which clients we've worked with. Let us know if there's anything else you'd like to know!


1. Who are some of Relan's clients?

Examples of companies that we've had the pleasure of working with are:
  • Sports teams: Minnesota Wild, Indiana Pacers, Portland Timbers,Tampa Bay Lightning, and Orlando City Soccer Club
  • Colleges/Universities: University of Minnesota, Yale University, Stanford University, Texas Christian University, and New York University
  • Brands: United Airlines, MINI USA, Pepsi, Target Corporation, Lexus, and Reef
  • Museums: The J Paul Getty Museum, Smithsonian National Museum of African Art, JFK Presidential Library and Museum, Science Center of Iowa, Museum of Science, and Industry Chicago
  • Theaters: Wicked The Musical, Broadway Green Alliance, Blue Man Group, and Phantom of the Opera

We also work with organizations who have a sustainability mission or who are looking to reach zero waste.


2. What materials can Relan repurpose, upcycle, and give a second life?

  • vinyl banners
  • vinyl billboards
  • mesh construction fencing, banners, wind covers, or finish lines
  • fabric (any type)
  • canvas
  • overprinted or outdated t-shirts
  • team jerseys
  • uniforms (pants, jackets, shirts, socks)
  • sails
  • wetsuits
  • backdrops from events, filming, or photo shoots
  • step and repeat banners
  • street pole banners
  • deflated basketballs/footballs/soccer balls

Do you have other materials? Just ask and we will see what creative solutions we can come up with!

3. How do people use Relan's repurposed products?

Organizations are repurposing and reusing vinyl banners, billboards, and other marketing materials to create:

  • unique, community engagement products
  • one-of-a-kind branded marketing products
  • limited-edition gifts and giveaways
  • custom, season ticket holder products with a game-used edition
  • premium promotional products
  • marketing products to showcase their company values
  • private label employee engagement and sponsor gifts
  • fan giveaways that were part of the game
  • eco-friendly products to sell in their stores
  • fundraising products for alumni, stakeholders, environmental clubs
  • custom conference attendee bags
  • sponsorship promotional products for events
  • Do you have other materials? Just ask and we will see what creative solutions we can come up with!

We can consult with you to strategize how your organization can best implement our many sustainable marketing products to fit your unique situation.

4. What are the most popular Relan products?

Our most popular upcycled items are the PickUp Tote, Grab and Go Tote, Full-Size Padfolio, Luggage Tags, Flip Business Card Holder, Messenger Bag and the Pencil Pouch.

 From left to right, clockwise: PickUp Tote, Urban Tote, Luggage Tag, String Backpack, Messenger Bag,

From left to right, clockwise: PickUp Tote, Urban Tote, Luggage Tag, String Backpack, Messenger Bag,


5. Can Relan design a new product specifically for our organization?

Yes! We can create just about anything. Part of our goal is to design products that fit your organization's needs and not just offer the same products that other companies already make. Check out the custom pet product we designed and created for Potty Rink.

Custom pet travel system designed and created for Potty Rink


6. How long does it take to get the order once we send you our banners?

The standard production time is 4-6 weeks once the product has been selected, the label is approved (if applicable), and a 50% deposit has been received. We can accommodate specific delivery dates if you communicate with us upfront the date in which you need the finished products.

7. How do we get our banners/billboard to Relan?

Materials should be sent DRY, and either folded or rolled. Anything under 200 lbs in a box with FedEx, UPS, USPS and anything over 200 lbs on a pallet. (We can help arrange this.)


Relan Wrap Up

Want to do things differently? Get inspired and learn how other companies are making a difference with eco-friendly marketing products. Our goal is to make sustainability simple by transforming your old marketing materials into something new and by providing your fans, employees, and stakeholders with sustainable, upcycled products.

Contact us to let us know how we can help your organization achieve its sustainability goals in a unique and beautiful way.

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