Do Millennials care about sustainability?

It is time to put the spotlight on Kinetic Future, the newest division of the global leader of out-of-home (OOH) media, the audience-based company Kinetic Worldwide. The purpose of Kinetic Future is to cultivate its young talent to value different types of sustainability in the corporate world, internal and external, from to business to advertising.


Kinetic Future expands Kinetic’s dedication to sustainability and corporate responsibility and is dedicated to serving clients who focus on sustainability initiatives in the areas of Social Responsibility, the Environment, Professional Development, and Company Culture.

We went straight to the source and interviewed Kinetic Worldwide's Global Brand Lead, Designer, and Kinetic Junior Board member, Natalia Dueñas. 

She has experience with a variety of Kinetic projects and she answers many of the most important questions surrounding sustainability in the workplace along with Kinetic Future's purpose, goals, and what's next for the organization.

Let's dive in!


Get familiar with Kinetic, a global leader in contextually connecting and activating audiences on the move.


What is Kinetic Future?

Relan: Can you tell us why Kinetic, an audience-based agency, decided to launch Kinetic Future, a new division dedicated to serving sustainability-focused clients?

Kinetic: This unit was born out of our Global CEO’s, Mauricio Sabogal, view of the world. He believes in giving back, and in the duty of corporations to drive socially responsible initiatives. We were also aware that we are not alone in this sentiment -many corporations around the globe believe in this too. We then saw a tangible opportunity to drive CSR activations for clients in different markets.  

In a nutshell, Kinetic Future is Kinetic’s dedicated CSR unit. Launched in 2015, it consists of a group of young professionals, around the world, working together to further Kinetic’s leadership. The mission is to create sustainable and human innovations on behalf of brands. Nearly 100 enthusiastic coordinators manage Kinetic Future across 13 countries, each bringing different skills, perspectives, and ideas.  

Junior Board

Relan: Kinetic has said that they are most proud that Kinetic Future has been developed, led, and implemented by people with a diverse range of roles and levels of seniority. What can you tell us about the type of employees within the company that have embraced Kinetic Future the most?

Kinetic: Kinetic Future is comprised primarily of Junior Board members who have a fresh approach to strategy and creativity, a passion for social responsibility, and an honest commitment to Kinetic’s growth. 

One hundred coordinators around the world who are passionate and experienced on CSR initiatives, both locally and globally, support kinetic Future.

In Kinetic Future we showcase the principles of Globalist Youth, a group of young talents who are becoming increasingly conscious about their community and who want to actively work for a better tomorrow.


Relan: Why did you personally choose Kinetic as a place of work and why do you choose to stay?

Kinetic: What drew me to Kinetic and has made me stay, is their unique and forward-thinking view of the future of advertising. They are strongly focused on re-defining environments and the way advertisers connect with audiences on the move. And I want to be part of this talented group of people, who are tapping into and creating the new context.  

Additionally, the implementation of Kinetic Future has been a strong reason for me to stay motivated within Kinetic. Since my college years, and as a Millennial, I am interested in creating an impact through my work. 

I have an interest in sustainability. This interest led me to develop, as my thesis project in college, a game to teach children how to recycle.  The company fulfills one of my passions: to help my community be a better place.  

So, to answer your question in three key points - why Kinetic?  First, it is a company highly interested and invested in the development of new products and ideas, both based on a greater vision focused on contextually connecting moving audiences to yield a greater engagement.

Secondly, it is a company that takes action to support the sustainability of projects. And thirdly, through Kinetic Future, they develop and support the work of young people by allowing them to contribute with their innovative ideas.  

Sustainability Impact

Relan: Why is sustainability important to Kinetic? 

Kinetic: Because we believe advertising has an impact on people’s lives and as such, we must leverage it to educate and incite good change in our society.

Mauricio instills in the Kinetic team the belief that conscientious and responsible advertising can help brands generate a higher impact for business, while also serving our society. When we are capable of showing the humane side of our brand, we establish a stronger foundation for brand engagement. In the same way, we establish a stronger bond with the younger generation, who will be more inclined to join an organization that aligns with their values. And this helps us recruit top, young talent.  

The strength of Kinetic Future is that we are conscious about sustainability and, through multiple collaborations, Kinetic can work towards a common goal with them.  

Relan: How difficult has it been for Kinetic Future to find sustainability-focused clients? 

Kinetic: It can be challenging to find clients that are aligned, in principle, to our way of thinking. To achieve this, we developed a business plan with the purpose of capturing clients through Kinetic Future. Here, we presented Kinetic Future as an external facing business unit focused on making it possible for global brand’s sustainability goals to be supported by location marketing, generating a higher impact.  


Relan: What type of clients or industries have you worked with the most?

Kinetic: We have worked with nonprofit organizations. But in 2017 we would like to focus on profit organization with a special CSR label as well. For 2017 our approach will be to support and create sustainable campaigns for our current clients and new clients that are conscious about sustainability. 

Relan: Kinetic has worked with NGOs including Care India and MacMillan Cancer Trust and secured media donations for charities like Free the Children. Who does Kinetic hope to work with during the upcoming year?  

Kinetic: This year we want to continue working with global and local customers already on the Kinetic list. We look forward to working with Vodafone, Coca-Cola, Unilever, Nestle; among others. 

Still, we are open to new possibilities with new clients. We hope to work on advertising campaigns with renowned brands. To achieve this goal, we have created a potential client list of companies who have sustainability goals that align with ours. We believe that we can definitely help these brands have a higher impact through the strategic and creative use of context.  


Relan: Who has been impacted the most by Kinetic Future? 

Kinetic: The communities. We have achieved +$100K in charitable contributions and have done work for organizations with a global impact such as Free the Children (US), Just Diggit (Europe), The Ronald McDonald House, among others. 


Relan: Due to its success, what has been the marketplace response from organizations similar to Kinetic Future? 

Kinetic: Currently Kinetic Future has been an internal initiative where Kinetic has been carrying various activities globally. As we aim to do more activities and campaigns with our clients this 2017, we will be able to share an analysis on the market response after.  


Relan: What has been an unexpected and surprising outcome that you've seen since the implementation of Kinetic Future? 

Kinetic: What continues to surprise me the most is the impact that teams working together for a common cause have. Take for example our 2016 initiative for Earth Day: it started as an idea from the Junior Board and became it a reality thanks to the support of the teams around the globe. Each local team participated in activities inside and outside the office such as cleaning the streets, planting trees, or making donations. I strongly believe the best results are seen when there is teamwork. In the end, to see how we can all globally connect and work in synergy to achieve greater things than we imagined. 


What's Next for Kinetic Future?

Relan: If we're sitting here a year from now celebrating Kinetic Future's success, what would Kinetic Future have accomplished?

Kinetic: In a year from now, Kinetic Future will have been the most sustainably conscious agency, supporting both local and global initiatives. This achievement is thanks to Kinetic’s commitment to its team, community, and planet. 

Kinetic will have shown its clients our expertise in Out of Home and in contextually activating audiences on the move. And also, how we can expertly merge ideas to spread brand’s messages or drive activations. 


Relan: Lastly, what's next for Kinetic Future?   

Kinetic: 2017 will be a year of growth for Kinetic Future, as we look to build new alliances with like-minded partners and brands that also want to contribute to a better tomorrow.  As a socially and sustainably conscious agency, we will continue to optimize our business in order to provide brands with solutions that impact the triple bottom line


Relan Wrap-up

Kinetic continues to break new ground in corporate social responsibility and lead the way for positive change. By sharing stories and working together, we can make a difference and create a positive impact on the environment.

As we've just learned, advertising is ever changing. Let Relan help your organization keep up with its customers by taking your brand on the go by upcycling your banners and billboards. Contact us to start the journey toward a more sustainable future because you never know, we may just feature you on the next Relan Blog!


To see more examples of Kinetic’s work, visit their YouTube channel and follow them Twitter at @KineticUSA.

Kari Brizius is president of Relan and is a West Point Graduate, certified personal trainer, a US Army Veteran, and a wholehearted entrepreneur. Kari’s passion for the environment, the planet, and healthy living fuels her entrepreneurial spirit. Her mission is to provide thought leadership on sustainability initiatives surrounding healthy living, the environment, and sustainability messaging. Learn more about Kari here.

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