9 Ways Businesses Can Go Green This Holiday

More and more businesses are becoming Earth conscious. The United States produces 25% MORE waste between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day so instead of adding to this problem, we wanted to share some ideas and tips to help your business save money while protecting the planet.

Holiday Parties

  • Recycle party supplies - Use aluminum cans and glass instead of plastic when serving refreshments. Taking into consideration the product lifecycle, aluminum and glass are better for the planet.

  • Carpool to holiday parties - If your office party is located off-site, ask employees to carpool. This can be as simple as sharing a Google Doc so they may easily communicate to find others who live in their area. Offer rewards of free valet parking for cars that arrive with two or more employees.

  • Donate excess food - Make the most out of your holiday fare by donating unused, leftover canned and dry food to a local food pantry or kitchen.

Around the Office

  • Office decorations - Holiday decorations are often purchased and thrown away at the end of the season. Reuse items from year’s past or purchase recycled items. Upcycle items you already have by giving them some colorful holiday flair!

  • Recycle your office Christmas tree - After the season ends, give meaning to the tree’s life by repurposing it into mulch. Learn all about recycling your tree from the National Christmas Tree Organization.

  • Digital cards - Instead of mailing paper cards or invitations to clients and employees, create a digital version which saves paper. Free services like Evite make this a fun and easy process!

  • Save energy - Make the switch to energy efficient holiday lights will save money on your energy bill. LED holiday lights use .04 watts per bulb, 10 times less than mini bulbs and 100 times less than traditional holiday bulbs.

    Using traditional holiday lights this season will cost you around $52.21 but switching to LED lights would reduce your cost to only $1.04. You can calculate your holiday lights energy usage with this handy calculator.


Green Gift Ideas

  • Shop local - Purchase locally made gifts which help the planet by lessening greenhouse gasses. Find the hidden gems in your community of independently owned stores that often carry unique gifts.

  • Long-lasting gifts - It’s never too late to upcycle your unused or leftover branded items. Upcycle them into eco-friendly gifts that display your company’s logo. Not only do these gifts bring awareness to the areas of reuse, but your company can feel good about reducing its carbon footprint.

Relan Wrap-up

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Remember, making small changes can go a long way, especially when you continue to make green choices throughout the year. Drop us a line to let us know how we can support your green holiday and 2018 efforts!

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Kari Brizius is president of Relan and is a West Point Graduate, certified personal trainer, a US Army Veteran, and a wholehearted entrepreneur. Kari’s passion for the environment, the planet, and healthy living fuels her entrepreneurial spirit. Her mission is to provide thought leadership on sustainability initiatives surrounding healthy living, the environment, and sustainability messaging. Learn more about Kari here.

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