Billboard to Bag: The People Behind Relan Products

Have you ever wondered where the products you have come from and who actually helps us create them with such care and quality? At Relan, we can honestly say that it takes a community of caring and passionate individuals to transform your billboards and banners into new, upcycled products.

From hiring locally skilled talent and selecting every piece of material that goes into our products, we are blown away daily at the impact we are having by helping other business make on their local community and on a large scale.

Part of Relan's mission is to give back to the community so we’d like to introduce you to the people behind the products.

In-House Operations

Amanda Stolle is our Director of Operations. Amanda is passionate about making a difference in the world and she is a critical component to Relan’s success.

Amanda is constantly improving our operational processes and creating new ways for us to showcase our products and work with the community. With her art, graphics, and sewing background, she brings an incomparable set of values and skills to Relan. Amanda helps manage the production as well as the relationships with our community so we can continue to bring more jobs to our local area.


Talented Sewers

Relan works with ten to twelve pre-qualified sewers on a consistent basis with additional sewers available.


We work with talented sewers from both the Hmong and Hispanic communities, many who are mothers and grandmothers with English as their second language. They are amazing, talented sewers and are helping bring manufacturing back to the United States.

The Twin Cities has one of the largest Hmong communities in the country and is proud to share in their history and traditions. They have incredible skills and are invaluable to the success of Relan.

We connected with our initial contract sewers at the Hmong Cultural Center and have since expanded our network due to our community engagement. It’s a wonderful experience to get to know and work with people from diverse cultures.


Another talented group of sewers we work with are part of the Hispanic community. We were introduced through an employee that we met at a local sewing resource center.

It never occurred to us that one of the awesome benefits of owning a company would bring the empowerment to make such life-changing decisions to so many people.


Relan works with ProAct, Inc., an organization dedicated to serving people with disabilities and other challenges with a wide range of client services that enhance employment skills and self-sufficiency capabilities, for both enclaves at our facility and for internal work at ProAct.


We have two ways in which we work with ProAct. The first is when when four to five individuals perform work onsite at our location, called enclaves, to clean the materials needed for production. The second is when materials are managed at the ProAct facility to be cut or prepared for production.

It’s not hard to do your job when you work with people who share your passion. We are so lucky to have the opportunity to work a range of talented people who are invaluable to the success of Relan.

Relan Wrap Up

Our goal is to make sustainability simple by transforming your old marketing materials into something new and by and providing your fans, employees, and stakeholders with sustainable, upcycled products.

Contact us with any questions about how Relan can help your organization with marketing in a brand new way and achieve its sustainability goals.

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