End of Billboard Campaign is Just the Beginning

The blog post Recycle your mobile billboard vinyl to meet sustainability goals was originally posted on June 7, 2017 on the do it outdoors blog and is reprinted in its entirety below. (All images credit: Relan)

We recently partnered with the largest national mobile billboard and field marketing company, do it outdoors. With streamlined and scalable operations, do it outdoors can run mobile billboards and field marketing efforts in any market across the U.S.

Do it outdoors prides themselves on building key partnerships in the industry to help them to produce more integrated and unique deliverables. They align with brands as strategic partners to ideate and execute amazing campaigns.

We are inspired by their creative work and wanted to share what they wrote about Relan and our project.

Upcycle your mobile billboard vinyl for better sustainability

We love Planet Earth as much as you do. That’s why we’ve made you the Do It Green Promise.

One of the ways we partner with our clients on sustainability goals is to re-purpose the vinyl used in our mobile billboard campaigns. So when we met the folks at Relan, we boiled over with excitement. Here is a small business who not only understands our concerns for the environment but gives us a solution to save America’s landfills from receiving the thousands of vinyls we use each year.

Our advertisers can request that their vinyls be saved following a campaign to be upcycled into new amazing products.

Relan’s product list is quite substantial. Here are a few products you could turn your mobile billboard into:

  • tote bags and other bags
  • wine totes
  • purses, wallets or wristlets
  • picnic baskets
  • soft coolers
  • makeup bags
  • business card holders
  • aprons
  • luggage tags
  • guitar cases
  • laundry bags
  • padfolios

The Relan team is also very creative and flexible, so if the product you’re envisioning isn’t listed, they’ll work with you to customize one that fits your specific needs.

Clients who make this commitment can redirect their premium item budgets to purchasing these eco-friendly products with a story. What’s better at promoting your brand than using a mobile billboard vinyl that once touted your out-of-home campaign message? Learning that the item came from a recycled mobile billboard vinyl is a talking point your target audience will remember!

These items also make great gifts! Say thank you to employees or clients while also enforcing your sustainability mission with those stakeholders closest to your success.

Or, these items may provide a new revenue stream for you. Selling these quality-grade items for a profit could offer new business opportunities that are worth exploring.

Relan’s website reads, “These storytelling products expand your brand, align with your sustainability goals and boost your triple bottom line.”

Each item can be tagged with a brand label, so you’re truly able to leverage the material from the mobile billboard for additional branding purposes. The vinyl breeds new life once your mobile billboard campaign ends.

Relan Wrap-Up

Is your organization looking to make a positive impact but you’re not sure where to begin? Start by sending us an email to let us know you you’d like more information about how to start using eco-friendly products in your marketing strategy!

Kari Brizius is President of Relan and is a West Point Graduate, certified personal trainer, a US Army Veteran, and a wholehearted entrepreneur. Kari’s passion for the environment, the planet, and healthy living fuels her entrepreneurial spirit. Her mission is to provide thought leadership on sustainability initiatives surrounding healthy living, the environment, and sustainability messaging.

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