NHCC Celebrates 50 Years with Sustainable Style

There are many ways to celebrate special events and create meaningful memories. But when the occasion is as substantial as a 50th anniversary, the stakes are higher.

Changing lives for 50 years

North Hennepin Community College (NHCC) in Minnesota has been changing lives for over 50 years so to celebrate, they took the opportunity to do something memorable to promote the college as well as highlight how they take care of the environment.

To celebrate their 50th anniversary, NHCC hosted a year-long series of events which involved students, faculty, and the community. To spread the word about their important milestone, the college asked Kort Sign Design to create three custom banners which were then hung from campus buildings.


Photo credit: Kort Sign Design


Quick facts about NHCC

  • North Hennepin State Junior College (as it was called when it opened in 1966) had just 414 students and classes took place at the Osseo Junior High School location.
  • The college changed its name to North Hennepin Community College in 1973.
  • NHCC is one of the largest, most diverse community colleges in the state of Minnesota with over 10,000 students and 10 buildings.

Watch North Hennepin Community College's 50th Anniversary video.

Sustainability at North Hennepin Community College

Part of changing lives is their commitment to sustainability. They formed the Sustainability Committee which “serves as an advisory committee to the President, Executive Committee, and College-wide Steering Committee (CSC) through the Vice President of Finance and Facilities. The committee develops, reviews and evaluates plans and initiatives to inspire and engage students, employees and the community to develop a deeper understanding about sustainability and its environmental, economic, and social impact in the college community and beyond.”

The committee also helps integrate environmental knowledge into all relevant disciplines.

Lasting Memories Made

One of the Sustainability Committee’s responsibilities is to reduce campus waste and their 50th anniversary presented an opportunity for the college to put into practice their environmental commitment.

Aligning with reducing campus waste, they upcycled the celebratory custom banners that hung from buildings and used the products as gifts to recognize donors and community leaders.


Each one-of-a-kind gift that was given had a unique, numbered label showing it was a limited edition item.


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