Top 5 Upcycled Marketing Products

Why Use Eco-Friendly Marketing Products?

Being able to research a company, along with their processes, can now be done immediately thanks to smartphones. Now more than ever, companies need to pay attention to what their customers care about.

So, what do today’s savvy consumers want?

Eco-friendly products.

They are paying attention to the elements that go into their products, who is making them, where they are manufactured, and how environmentally friendly they are.

What’s a company to do?

As a company, you want to grow and increase engagement but you also know that your customers value the environment. So, what do you do? Make it known that you’re listening and that your brand cares about the planet. Start by reducing your carbon footprint by implementing eco-friendly products into your marketing strategy.

"Sounds great! How do we do this?"

Keep reading.

About Relan

Relan specializes in creating eco-friendly marketing products that give your brand and edge over your competition and helps you reach your sustainabilit goals. We achieve this by telling your brand’s story through repurposing your banners, billboards, overstock t-shirts, and more by giving them a second life.

By reusing material you already have, it reduces your negative impact on the environment, builds brand awareness, AND helps your company gain loyal fans.

But, Relan products stand for something larger. We are on a mission to create a more sustainable future for generations to come. Join us and showcase your brand’s commitment to the environment.

Learn about our most popular eco-friendly products that are driving customer engagement and getting noticed.

Most Popular Relan Products

1 - Grab and Go Tote

The Grab and Go Tote is perfect for carrying everything when you need to just “grab and go.” Sometimes you just need that one bag that you can take to the beach on Saturday and repack for commuting to work on Monday. This is that bag. No matter where you go, these bags are sure to be noticed!


 Grab and Go Tote bags made for Kansas City Marathon



Blue Man Group created upcycled Grab and Go Tote bags from their show’s billboards.

The Grab and Go Tote can be created from:

  • repurposed vinyl billboard or banners
  • mesh finish lines or construction fencing
  • fabric


  • packing snacks on the go or an everyday lunch bag
  • taking to the gym
  • carrying laptop

2 - PickUp Tote

The PickUp Tote is your go-to, all-purpose, “take me everywhere to carry anything” kind of bag! Keep it in your car for trips to the store instead of using plastic bags when doing your shopping.

It’s large rectangular shape is strategically designed for carrying items to and from the office, textbooks, and even shopping trips to the grocery store!


PickUp Tote bags made for Music Center



AEG celebrated Earth Day by creating special LA Lakers totes for the team’s Human Resource department.

The PickUp Tote can be created from:

  • repurposed vinyl billboard or banners
  • mesh finish lines
  • fabric


  • swag bags at events and conferences
  • gift bags to employees during the holidays
  • commemorative give away items to sports fans
  • season ticket holders made from playoff game banners

3 - Luggage Tags

Relan’s Luggage Tags are sturdy, colorful, and one-of-a-kind that make your backpack, golf bag, or travel luggage stand out no matter where you go. Just slip your business card below the clear plastic window and you’re all set!

Another way for the luggage tags to be used are hold ID cards or name badges. Let us know if you want your order to come with a cord and lock, carabiner, or name badge clips.


Luggage Tags made for Harper College



The Boston Pops created luggage tags by repurposing their banners.

Luggage Tags can be created from:

  • repurposed vinyl billboards or banners


  • promotional items at events
  • clients or potential clients thank you gifts
  • event volunteer thank you gifts
  • employee name badges to increase brand awareness
  • inserting business cards to give away at networking events

4 - Full-Size Padfolio

Things are easier to remember if you write them down! The Full-Size Padfolio can assist with this because it holds a full size pad of paper on the right side, has two pockets on the left side, and a business card holder. To keep items secure, it features a tab or zipper closure.

Carry your meeting notes, tablet, pen, and important information with ease (and style) to meetings or class.

Custom labels can be placed on the front or inside the folder to customize it further!


Full-Size Padfolios made for Help Me Grow MN



Kansas City Sports Commission & Foundation created upcycled products to show their appreciation for event sponsors.

Full-Size Padfolio can be created from:

  • repurposed vinyl billboards or banners


  • employees, staff members, and outside sales team members
  • company managers and leaders
  • college campus recruiting
  • alumni and donor gifts
  • coaches
  • brand building at corporate training events

5 - Business Card Holders

In business, you have to stand out so why not start with a one-of-a-kind business card holder? Sure to start a conversation, this colorful, double-sided Business Card Holder is slightly unique in that its design requires a double-sided banner.

The Flip Business Card Holder is perfect for networking. On one side, keep your cards and on the flip side, stash the the ones you gather!

Double sided Business Card Holders (left) & Bankers Life Fieldhouse Flip Business Card Holders (right)


Bankers Life Fieldhouse, home to the NBA’s Indiana Pacers and WNBA’s Fever, upcycled banners to create Flip Business Card Holders.

Business Card Holders can be created from:

  • double-sided vinyl billboard or banners
Flip Business Card Holders can be created from:
  • single or double-sided vinyl billboard or banners


  • customer loyalty rewards program gifts
  • onboarding gifts for new employees
  • handing out at a conference booth
  • gift card holder for client gifts
  • outside sales team members
  • leadership team members

Relan Wrap-Up

Our goal is to make sustainability simple by transforming your old marketing materials into something new by providing your fans, employees, and stakeholders with sustainable, upcycled products they can use across the globe to promote your company’s brand.

Are you considering using eco-friendly marketing products to spark the conversation with your customers or fans but still have questions? That’s great! We can answer them for you.

Click here to send us your questions you so can start marketing in a brand new way!

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