How Warners’ Stellian Stands Out by Going Green

Minnesota’s family-owned and operated appliance chain is as serious about sustainability as they are about taking care of their customers.

Starting with one store in 1954, they’ve grown to nine locations throughout the Twin Cities, which means more opportunities to go green.

We are highlighting Warners’ Stellian and their award winning sustainability programs to demonstrate that companies of all sizes truly can make a difference when it comes to protecting the planet.

Read our interview with Jeff Warner, Partner at Warners’ Stellian, and get to know a Minnesota company whose commitments turn thoughts into action.

Committed to Sustainability

Relan: We know that Warners' Stellian is committed to being green, but why did you decide to upcycle your billboards?

Warners’ Stellian: Because once I knew that there was a local company that could help us to do so I knew it was the right thing to do. And, we could actually claim the cost as a promotional expense! Working with Relan aligns with the Warner family’s core values.


Relan: Why is sustainability particularly important to Warners' Stellian?

WS: Because we want to be judged as good stewards of our community and Mother Earth. Again, once we are aware of a way to save any item we use from wasting away or causing damage to the earth, we invest in it.

Relan: As a Minnesota company, and knowing that Minnesota is leading the way in reuse, what benefits do you see for Warners' Stellian in this space?

WS: We want to be known as a family that makes good choices that do not use cost as a primary factor.

We have been blessed with success and we want to do the right thing. For us, Relan has actually felt like a gift to ourselves. We weren’t happy that the vinyl was going to be burned once we were done using it.

Before and After

Relan: Who will receive the upcycled products?

WS: Customers. Mostly those in the build/remodel industry.

 Before: Warners’ Stellian billboard as seen from Highway 169 & Canterbury Rd in Shakopee, MN

Before: Warners’ Stellian billboard as seen from Highway 169 & Canterbury Rd in Shakopee, MN

                   After: Billboard campaign lives on as branded upcycled tote bags with watermark

Relan: What feedback have you received about the upcycled bags?

WS: Customers love the story more than the product itself, which makes sense. The products are nice but the story is a good way for us to differentiate ourselves from our competitors.

What’s Next for Warners’ Stellian?

Relan: Will Warners' Stellian continue this initiative with future billboards?

WS: Absolutely, we have invested in putting a watermark into our boards so that our brand can be seen on every product we have Relan build for us. So we know in advance before the board goes up that we are going to do something with Relan when the board’s life is over.

Billboard campaign lives on as branded upcycled tote bags

Relan: What other sustainability or green programs are you proud of at Warners' Stellian?

WS: Our Styrofoam recycling program is unique by allowing it to turn about three-quarters of the waste stream into reusable materials.

I have enjoyed working with Relan and look forward to partnering with them for new and exciting creations in the future.
— Jeff Warner, Partner

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Relan Wrap-Up

Let Relan help turn your thoughts into actions too! Even if you don’t have materials of your own upcycle, we can support your mission to be a sustainable company because there’s plenty to upcycle!

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