3 Reasons Why Sustainability Matters for Your Brand

Have you wondered if sustainability really matters and if so, what actions your company could take that would both boost its profits and improve the surrounding community?

We have. And so we’ve made it our core mission to create a more sustainable future through upcycling. Want to join us? Great!

Learn why sustainability matters and what's in it for your brand.

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1. Reach your Sustainability Goals

We can help your organization reach its sustainability goals by supporting you reducing waste.

Check out the blog post we wrote about the specific steps your company can take to becoming Zero Waste Certified.

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Did you know that we purchase our materials and supplies from local and U.S. manufacturers? We are dedicated to making each piece of your custom product with upcycled and recycled components.

Why this matters to your company

Because of our business practices, we have helped our partners keep over 450,000 square feet of material out of landfills and close the loop on a current waste stream, all which benefit their triple bottom line.

By setting and reaching sustainability goals, you too can see your bottom line grow!

2. Support the Local Economy

We pride ourselves supporting the local community by partnering with organizations that employ the mentally and physically challenged for component assembly.

Each item that Relan creates is cleaned, using minimal water, with eco-friendly soaps, and is designed, cut, and sewn locally in Minnesota.

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Why this matters to your company

Millennials (age 21-34) have now become the largest living population at 75.4 million people, bypassing the Baby Boomers. This means they will comprise the largest percentage of the workforce and consumer base.

Paying attention to your consumer base and workforce is necessary in order to be successful. The findings from a Nielsen Global Survey show that two-thirds of the population will choose products that come from sustainable sources and the survey also states that Millennials gravitate toward brands that are socially responsible.

By partnering with Relan, your company demonstrates the importance of keeping jobs within the community and that you care about the people behind the products you create and promote.

3. Tell your Sustainability Story

We are committed to helping you tell your sustainability story that leaves a lasting positive impact on your community, customers, and the environment.

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Relan’s eco-friendly products are cool and functional which prove to your customers, fans, employees, and stakeholders that your brand has a social story to tell.

Brand stories are communicated through a variety of marketing products from tote bags, messenger bags, string backpacks, and luggage tags, or through new upcycled products designed by our in-house team.

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Why this matters to your company

Implementing branded, eco-friendly products increases brand awareness and leaves a powerful impression. Consumers connect with companies that share their values. In partnering with Relan, you can clearly demonstrate that your brand cares about the same things your customers do.

Relan wrap-up

When you partner with Relan, you start a dialogue between your brand and your customers that would not otherwise happen. Increased engagement around sustainability not only helps your company, but the bigger picture of creating a more sustainable future. And that's a win-win.

Take the next step by sending me an email and start the conversation about how your company can benefit by going green!

Kari Brizius is president of Relan and is a West Point Graduate, certified personal trainer, a US Army Veteran, and a wholehearted entrepreneur. Kari’s passion for the environment, the planet, and healthy living fuels her entrepreneurial spirit. Her mission is to provide thought leadership on sustainability initiatives surrounding healthy living, the environment, and sustainability messaging. Learn more about Kari here.

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