Nobody cares about your protein intake...until you say you're vegan.

Premiering at the 2018 Sundance Film Festival, was a highly anticipated new documentary called The Game Changers. Teaming up with world-class athletes, the film was executive produced and directed by Oscar winners James Cameron (“Avatar”, “Titanic”) and Louie Psihoyos (The "Cove", "Racing Extinction"), the team set out to finally put an end to the long-running protein myth.

The film not only shows the power of a plant-based diet but how it can actually improve athletic performance. The documentary provides a lot of insight and thought provoking information that just may change the way you think about the standard American diet.

Results are in the quality, not quantity of protein

The question asked most often to those choosing a plant-based lifestyle is, "where do you get your protein?" and when you're a world-class athlete, it seems as if this is the ONLY question you're asked.

It is long believed that athletes can only achieve that muscular, ripped body by eating animal products — steak, eggs, bacon, and more. But with all healthy diets, every piece of the nutritional puzzle must be present in order for it to be beneficial, and a vegan diet is no exception.

The Game Changers demonstrates that the bigger question isn't about where you get protein, it's about what kind of protein you consume.

From beans and legumes, to plant-based meats and protein powders, a vegan diet does not fall short on quality protein.

 image credit //  The Game Changers

image credit // The Game Changers


Not your typical athlete

What do all of these top athletes have in common? They all eat a plant-based diet.

  • Patrik Baboumian - strength athlete and former bodybuilder

  • Kendrick James Farris - Olympian

  • Tia Blanco - champion surfer

  • Scott Jurek - record-holding ultramarathoner

  • Morgan Mitchell - Olympian

The filmmakers wanted to know if eating a plant-based diet would improve the physical performance of athletes. Dividing a group of athletes into two test groups: one group to eat an animal diet and the other a plant-based diet, they drew their blood and recorded the results.

Comparing blood samples, they found something interesting. Blood flow was impaired in the meat eating group. Their next step was to track athletes who made a shift to a plant-based diet and measure their performance in the field.

Visit the The Game Changers website to find a screening in your area to view all of the amazing stories for yourself!

 photo //  @morganmitch

photo // @morganmitch


Plant-based diet is better for the environment

The film also discusses how the animal agriculture industry and the practice of animal husbandry have a negative effect on our planet.

Raising animals for the sole purpose of becoming food occupies roughly one third of the earth’s dry land. Land that used to be home to other species, is now occupied by animals that contribute to about half of all greenhouse gas globally.

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