Anaheim Ducks Score with Sustainability

The second annual NHL National Green Week kicked off March 11-17 but for the Anaheim Ducks, sustainability is part of everyday life.

The Anaheim Ducks are up to their winning ways on the ice in the Western Conference this season. Off the ice, they're winning as well with sustainability initiatives that make everyone a fan. In fact, it’s not unusual to find the players out in the community engaging with fans and stakeholders at events that showcase the team's commitment to sustainability and the environment.

We wanted to highlight the Anaheim Ducks and how they incorporate sustainability into their daily lives which in turn makes for some very happy fans.

Community Engagement Events

To get fans involved, the Anaheim Ducks hosted a watch party in celebration that paid tribute to a century of NHL hockey.

There were a lot of activities for fans to participate in including an NHL Museum truck, the Stanley Cup, local food trucks, live entertainment, interactive hockey games and exhibits, and the debut of a Zamboni virtual reality exhibit.

In support of the Ducks’ sustainability efforts, fans were asked to donate to Recycle the Game, a program that accepts and provides reused hockey equipment to players in programs that need it. Instead of buying new equipment, reusing hockey equipment is one effective way to support the overall sustainability goals of the Ducks and the NHL Green initiative.


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Just for Kids

No adults allowed! The Wild Wingers Kids Club is the official Kids Club of the Anaheim Ducks. This club gives the younger Anaheim Ducks fans a chance to support their favorite team and celebrate being a Ducks fan!


On March 4th, 2017 the Ducks hosted an end of the year party at Knott’s Berry Farm where six of the Ducks players answered questions from the kids and signed autographs. It was a wonderful opportunity for the kids to make lasting memories by interacting with the professional players on an up close and personal level.


Eco-Friendly Fan Products

Thanks to a relationship that started through the Green Sports Alliance, Relan helped the Ducks promote their sustainability efforts for the 2017 NHL Green Week.

On March 17th, St. Patrick’s Day, the Anaheim Ducks Team Store supported NHL Green Week by debuting one-of-a-kind Relan tote bags made from Anaheim Ducks and Honda Center Banners. Fans were able to purchase the unique bags for $15 prior to the start of the game at the team store.


I was interviewed before the game about the products which were then shown on the jumbotron during the game for everyone to see! Tens of thousands of people saw the reveal of the new eco-friendly bags which then received a lot of positive feedback over social media!


The evening was extremely interactive with the announcer giving green facts throughout the game. Republic Services was in attendance to promote their recycling initiative. They hosted a game where the fan who guessed closest to the actual number of cans that can be crushed in order to make a brick would win a bike.


Because Relan bags are so durable, they used them to gather pucks on the ice in front of the goal.

Click on the video below to see my interview with the Ducks!


Relan Wrap Up

We love to connect brands with their fans by bridging the gap with engaging eco-friendly products.

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