Imagine a world without waste! Seems impossible, right? Well, not to one florist. In fact, that’s his mantra. Sports Environment Alliance (SEA) #SEASummit 2016 keynote speaker, Joost Bakker, feels so positive about the world's ability to create change that he is incredibly excited about what the future holds.

Sports Environment Alliance

The Australian-based Sports Environment Alliance (SEA) (@SEA_theChangeis a not-for-profit, member-based organization that looks to empower the sports industry to better engage with the circular economy through knowledge sharing and networking. 

Formed last year, SEA is committed to minimizing the impact that sports has on the environment and at the same time, becoming an even more high performing industry through innovation efficiency. Their vision is to pave the way for the empowerment of environmental stewards in and for sports communities.

#SEASummit 2016

The #SEASummit 2016 was a one-day summit held on November 8, 2016 at the iconic Melbourne Cricket Ground (@MCG) to further raise awareness of how the sporting industry can limit its impact on the environment.

The summit featured keynote speaker Joost Bakker whose mantra is 'Imagine a world without waste!' and is a Melbourne-based, Sustainability Warrior with a discipline-crossing creative known for his large scale works, installations, buildings, and restaurants. His work raises awareness of our wasteful ways and offers positive and often simple solutions and ideas.


At the #SEASummit 2016, Bakker delivered a powerful and inspirational message to imagine a world without waste by sharing insights into some of his work with Lexus Design Pavilion where he created a truly unique and reusable event space designed to reduce energy and material use.

The structure was also designed to hold a rooftop garden, and this was at the heart of what Bakker sees as a possible simple solution to solving the current destructive food production system. 

The florist-turned-environmentalist whose work was featured in The New York Times, Bakker explained that small ideas can make a big difference and that one small idea can turn into a proof of concept, which can then inspire others to take on their own project.

Even if an idea only has a small-scale effect, the impact can start a chain reaction and that could be enormous!

Bakker's keynote speech and other’s drove this core point home

Someone else who makes a daily impact is a familiar face to us, one of our 10 Purpose Driven Leaders to Know and Love, Executive Director for the Sports Environment Alliance (SEA), and #SEASummit 2016 facilitator, Sheila Nguyen. With an extensive background in the world of sports, she knows first-hand how powerful the industry can be to inspire change, and we love her drive to create a greater consciousness around sports and sustainability.  

Support from Across the Globe

The language of sports brings people together and when the call went out, it was no surprise that the NFL Cleveland Browns (@Browns) team stepped up by sponsoring and donating the material needed for us to create upcycled, eco-friendly products for the #SEASummit 2016.

The football team is supported by Sustainable Cleveland with their “10-year initiative that engages people from all walks of life, working together to design and develop a thriving and resilient Cleveland region that leverages its wealth of assets to build economic, social and environmental well-being for all.”

Sustainable Cleveland's message is one that Relan (@RelanBag) can get behind, so we were honored to create upcycled luggage tags, tote bags, and zippered tablet and laptop cases to send to the #SEASummit 2016.

It takes the effort of everyone and you can participate by joining the movement by becoming a #SEAChanger and protect the future of sports and its impact on the environment!

Does your company want to take steps to protect the environment? Relan can reuse your existing materials to create unique marketing products!

 Contact us to learn how your company can start on its path to a more sustainable future!


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