5 steps to a more meaningful product.

Once we receive your banners, billboards, finish line or other materials, we get to work cleaning, crafting, and sewing your upcycled products. Your final products are handcrafted with care by skilled designers and craftsmen right here in Minnesota with materials sourced in the USA.

 Bucket and sponge icon


All materials are cleaned with minimal water and eco-friendly soaps.

 Needle and thread icon


You can choose from our existing product styles or we can work together to customize something specific to your needs.

 Scissors icon


We artfully cut and sew to make the most of your images and material available.

 Community icon, supporting local businesses


Local organizations help with the sewing, cutting, and cleaning of the products.

 Products made in the USA button


All of our materials are sourced and products handmade in the USA.