Spanning across the U.S.A. from Minnesota to California - everyone at Relan shares a common interest:

A desire to leave a positive and lasting impact on the environment, on our communities, and for future generations.

Mother-daughter duo Della Simpson and Kari Brizius have always led very conscious lives. Passionate about health and wellness, serving others, and protecting the planet, they searched for something that aligned with their values and allowed them to share this passion with others. 

recycled, upcycled, repurposed banner bags for colleges and universities

When they found Relan, they knew it was a perfect match.

Kari and Della are fulfilling their dream by helping organizations make a difference in their communities, leave a positive, lasting impact on the planet, and lead more meaningful lives. Their goal is to engage every corporation across the country to upcycle their marketing waste stream into durable, engaging products that will spark conversations around sustainability with their customers and fans.

By replacing existing imported VIP and client gifts, premium giveaways, and tradeshow promotions with high-quality, eco-friendly, repurposed products, organizations have the opportunity to provide one-of-a-kind products to their target market, reduce their impact on the environment, and become a leader in building a sustainable future. 

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