Hartford Marathon Foundation

 "It was refreshing and inspiring to work with the experts at Relan.  

Sponsorship changes occur frequently in the race management business, leaving obsolete materials year to year.  When the title sponsor of our marquee event rebranded themselves, we were left with thousands of feet of unusable mesh fencing from the event.  Relan provided creative upcycling options to help us use the materials in a way consistent with our commitment to sustainability.

The byproduct of Relan's unique work was beautifully crafted tote bags.  Instantly a fan favorite, the bags were appreciated as truly one-of-a-kind keepsakes from the event.   Besides being environmentally conscious, Relan products are of the highest quality.  The Hartford Marathon Foundation looks forward to working with them again in the future."   

 - Matt Anderson, Hartford Marathon Foundation

Products created: The PickUp Tote


Kansas City Sports Commission & Foundation

"Relan is an amazing company to work with. Relan is one of those businesses that truly has changed the idea of what it means to recycle and repurpose material. Relan’s products are top notch, durable, and just plain fun.

Patrons, supporters, and sponsors of the Waddell & Reed Kansas City Marathon look forward to their thank you gifts thanks to the ingenuity and creativity of Relan. Going green is quite an undertaking and commitment, however, Relan helps ease that process in a new and imaginative way.

The Kansas City Sports Commission continues to work with Relan because it’s not only the responsible and right thing to do in being green but Relan is helpful, resourceful, and imaginative in all their products and service. They take pride in what they do which is why they are such a great company!"

-Stephanie Lankford, Kansas City Sports Commission & Foundation

Products created: The Moment Wine Tote, Just the Basics Tote


Portland Timbers

“Working through the entire process with Relan was convenient and easy, the products were delivered on time and our fans loved the quality and variety of their gifts”

-Chris Wilson, Portland Timbers

Products created: Document Case, Small Tote